HP Z2-G3 Intel i7 256GB Mini Workstation

Just so everyone knows, I am literally the first sucker from the another time this was on woot.

there is no VGA port on this model. In fact, HP only offers a serial port to be in place of where you would expect the VGA to be in that picture. – unless this model differs, there is nothing there (just as in the picture, but not as in the specs).

I’ve already been partially refunded because finding a VGA port now adays is actually pretty difficult and was planning on using this inside of a arcade cabnet with a tube.

Additionally, don’t get excited when you see that seventh gen i7 sticker on it (of which they only offer the 7700) – Despite the sticker it comes up as a 6700 in dxdiag, and as specs state it is the entry level version without the quadro m.

But don’t let this stop you from ordering. If you have need for a VERY fast and VERY small unit of processing it is amazing. It just WILL NOT come with a VGA port - and converting digital to analog is actually pretty hard to accomplish without high amounts of latency.