HP Z2-G3 Intel Quad-Core Mini Workstations

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HP Z2-G3 Intel Quad-Core Mini Workstations
Price: $499.99 - 999.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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That’s a really expensive roku!

This is amazingly overpriced for what it is.

It’s a full blown core i7 workstation that you can fit in your pocket. You don’t buy it for watching movies, you get it to play games or get work done.
I have several similar Intel NUC’s that are rockstars. They have some serious horsepower.

As someone who uses 3D CAD software every day, I would recommend the model with 16 GB of RAM and NVIDIA card if you want to get any serious work done. I’m speaking from my experience using Solidworks - 8 GB of memory is the minimum recommended amount for running the program, but ask any reseller and they’ll recommend to have at least 16. That being said, processor speed and graphics are the two biggest factors that will affect your performance in CAD software. Having a SSD wouldn’t hurt either.

If you’re just looking for something small that you can put next to your 3D printer so you can design small widgets, then the cheaper options should be able to get the job done. You won’t be making anything like the engine model shown in the example picture though.

FYI, the NVIDIA card being sold here has been certified for use with Solidworks:

Solidworks Graphics Card Search

This isn’t a mini-desktop for web browsing and email. It’s similar to the Z640 workstation that Woot is also selling, but it’s compact, relatively quiet, fast and reliable.


HP’s business workstations are tested and certified to run ISV apps (like AutoCAD, Adobe Premiere Pro, Solidworks, etc.). We use Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the OS, for better performance than Win10pro. The hardware is well designed and you can upgrade memory and the hard drive without tools. Note that the Z2 has both a full size M.2 slot and can also hold a 2.5" SSD drive in case you need additional/faster storage.

Benchmarks for Quadro M620

Not a great performer on the graphics card, but it will do in a pinch.