HP Z200 Intel i3, 250GB SATA SFF Workstation

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HP Z200 Intel i3, 250GB SATA SFF Workstation
Price: $169.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Nov 18 to Monday, Nov 23) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

Check this I5 out for $150

Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz
4 GB DDR3 500 GB HDD
ATI Radeon HD 4550
reviewer said there are 2 open RAM slots

Morning. I removed the post with the link to the incorrect product.

Isnt that a lot better deal (i5 vs i3 and 500Gb drive vs 250)? Does anyone know if a 2nd internal drive can be added to either of these?

Officially, probably not. If one of the drives is an SSD you can usually find some spot to squeeze it in. SSD’s are pretty forgiving, I can mount one pretty much anywhere with a couple of zip ties.

So, does Win 7 Pro come with Windows Media Center? I’m wanting to build a home theater PC (HTPC), and WMC is getting hard to come by…
also, anyone know if this’d make a decent HTPC?

(Yes - I’m replying to my own post). Soooo…there’s not HDMI on this. Is there a DVI, then?

I’m a little light when it comes to application…so here goes. I will be using this unit as a simple movie download etc. incorporating Nero for conversion etc. My current old HP (Vista) is slowly giving up the ghost. Duz this meet my criteria & more especially if I beef up the ram 2 8GB? Thanx for ur time from a 75+ geezer… :-)!!?
OOps, 4got 2 ask about upgrading to W10? Freebie?

Per the specs:
Rear Ports:
(1) DisplayPort
(1) VGA
(6) USB 2.0
(2) PS/2
(2) RJ-45
(1) Audio-in
(1) Audio-out
(1) Microphone

You can get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. Both carry video & audio.

Newegg item has 90 day warranty versus one year here. Despite what reviewer says, specs say all four memory slots are taken by 1 gig mem cards.

The specs say that, but 1GB DDR3 full-size DIMMs are not nearly as common as 2GB ones. But you’re right, you can’t count on there being 2 open slots, but don’t be surprised if there are. As far as 90 day vs a 1yr warranty, I don’t think this is much of an issue. If it works for the next 90 days the possibility of it failing between day 91 and day 365 is pretty slim.

Z200 offered here today got very good reviews when first released five years ago (ouch!). Amazing how prices come down over time. PC Mag refers to a MSRP of about $2400 that it said would scare away corporate purchasing managers.

Self-commenting LOL. Make that good-to-very good reviews.

None of those are for the Z200 version offered today. This one has an I3 and uses onboard plain intel HD graphics. Those have better processors, more ram and dedicated videocards. Today’s woot model is pretty plain Jane.

It gets confusing because there will be a general model number like Z200, and then a whole bunch subtypes under that model. To make it even more confusing, you will see that the Z200 comes in both a standard size workstation and a slim form factor (like today’s woot offering)- that each offer their own slew of different configurations.

In the data sheets below, you can see all the various ways these can be configured.



I knew there were different versions (kinda like different “trim” lines on cars – L, SL etc) but guess I didn’t look closely enough at the spec details or just plain lacked the knowledge to cypher the differences.

I’m a very pedestrian computer user (no gaming, graphic arts or intensive number crunching, streaming video is most demanding thing) whose laptop is starting to stall and show its age. Kinda like idea of upgrading to a Displayport for playing things through TV and eliminate need for using comp’s speakers. This seems to be 50% faster than my Dell Latitude e5410 Laptop, Intel Core i3-350M, 2GB, which runs at 2.26 GHz. For $170, seems hard to go wrong. Or can I?

The I3-350m has a passmark of 1909, the I3-540 has a passmark of 2707, the I5-650 (Newegg)has a passmark of 3147

Today’s woot will definitely give you an improvement from your current system. But for $20 less, you can get a a similar system with a better processor, bigger HD, and a dedicated video card (that will perform better and not need to share system RAM) from Newegg.

It looks like the videocard the Newegg one comes with is Dual DVI out. So basically if this won’t work, you can either pull the card and use the onboard video (display port) or you could get a 1/2 height PCI-16 card like the one below for like $25 that has HDMI out


Also seems the newegg one will write DVDs (though apparently not CD compatible). I’ll seldom if ever want to, but still a plus should I ever want to snail-mail photos, etc.