HP Z220 Intel Xeon 2TB SFF Workstation

Rear picture is not correct - computer came with an Nvidia NVS 330 low-profile video card. Card has a DMS-59 jack requiring a adapter (included) which came with 2 DVI jacks. Very nice for 2 monitors.
Obviously refurbished, they came with some sort of black vinyl sticker over top and bottom of the case covering up any previous wear marks.
Windows 7 Pro COA and no HP crapware. Trials for Bullguard AV, WinZIP, and Wordperfect Office; could have used a DVD burner program of some sort. The built-in Windows burner is slow.
Free ‘upgrade’ to Windows 10 if that’s your thing.
Workstation performance, i.e., fast CPU & ok but not gaming graphics.