HP Z230 SFF Intel i7 256GB Workstation

HP Z230 SFF Intel i7 256GB Workstation

The photo shows an optical drive but the specs say none. Which is it?

They also say there is a multi format card reader that doesn’t appear in the pics… I usually side with the description as they often grab stock photos from the company. However, it would be nice to get a confirmation

Also, five pics of the front…and not ONE of the back. FAIL.

I’ve asked similar questions on other computer listings in the past. They usually say the listing is correct, stock images are not always accurate. That said, sometimes they change the specs, so who knows :man_shrugging:

Hi there. As noted above, go by the specs. We use stock images.

4770 with SSD, card reader, and 10Pro? I use a Dell with similar specs at work, and this is pretty tempting for the money.

I forgot. I bought that on woot too.

Bought one. Mine showed up with a DVD-RW optical drive and no multi-card reader. So much for “go by the specs”/ Oh well. I actually prefer the optical drive. Good PC for the $$, especially with Win10Pro and 16GB of RAM. I haven’t wooted in quite awhile. Glad I stopped back in.

Bought one also…You got 16GB of RAM???

The spec says only 8 GB???

Have not turned it on yet…Plus it has all 4 banks populated…

If they are 2 GB modules…The is really really cheap on them…

16GB of RAM confirmed…Getting video issues…Artifacts on one monitor …another monitor won’t even recognize the video…2 video cables…Of course I got the bad one…
Anyone got an answer…or seeing the same thing???

Got mine up and running. Easy to activate Win10. Works great so far. Using 2 monitors. Only issue I noted was that the holes in the case for the displayport connections were off by just a little from the connectors on the motherboard so it was a pretty tight fit plugging the connectors in… Very happy overall.