HP Z240 Tower i7-6700 Workstation

Title says:

HP Z240 Business Workstation Tower/320W Intel i7-6700K/CI7-4GHz 16GB/4-DIMM ** 256GB SSD **, DVDRW, Win10Pro

Specs says:

Total Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB
Hard Drive Interface: Serial ATA/600
Optical Drive Type: DVD-Writer

Is it an SSD or not?

Oh crap. I just bought this assuming ssd. How can we confirm?

It has an SSD. Sorry for the confusion.

The processor is NOT an “Intel i7-6700K/CI7-4GHz” as advertised, both on the front page and in the specs section.
The actual installed processor is an “Intel i7-6700 3.4GHz”. BIG difference in terms of performance and price. Google “i7-6700 vs i7-6700k” and look at the benchmarks. Here are the current price differences: NewEgg i7-6700 $318.74 vs NewEgg i7-6700K $418.30

This is the second time I’ve purchased a desktop from WOOT and second time the processor isn’t as listed. The first one (which I’m typing on) fails Intel diagnostics because the CPU is a “Sample”. Which is pre-production and never should have been installed in a customer system. Now this.

*** Important correction ***
The PC which shows the CPU as “Sample” was NOT purchased on WOOT. It was purchased on Amazon December 2007. My apologies to WOOT for this error. The current PC problem with wrong CPU type is still a WOOT issue.