HP Z400 Tower, Intel Xeon, GTX 1060 6GB

HP Z400 Tower, Intel Xeon, GTX 1060 6GB

A 10 year old dual core CPU paired with a still decent gaming GPU is an amusing combination for a computer labeled as a workstation, but not one I’d want to pay $600 for.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking! Who the hell came up with that idea?!? I mean I can understand trying to resell/repurpose old workstations, but that thing is ancient, and it’d make more sense to pair it with, say, a 1030 or 1050 at best, and sell it for say $300. Even then I wouldn’t buy it, but still, that’s a combination that makes slightly more sense…

But… I like Wynona Earp

So… who through this together? Pairing a GTX 1060 with a dual core, non-hyperthreading Xeon that scores 1754 on Passmark is insanity! To put that in perspective, my Phenom II X4 965 scores 4188 and I’m bottlenecking my GTX 960 in some cases. That said, as is this PC is an overpriced turd. Now if this had a Xeon X5680 instead then it would still be overpriced but it would actually play games quite well.

This computer has a Passmark of 1754. Yes, 1754. Woot, you should be ashamed of yourselves posting that ancient Xeon as a gaming computer.

One can get an HP Z400 workstation from Amazon\Newegg\other for around $150-$200. Same memory but typically with just a mechanical vs mechanical & solid state drive. You can get an NVIDIA 1060 6GB for around the same price. So for price, it’s somewhat reasonable.

But, the Z400 came our around 2010 and IS NOT a gaming PC.

It doesn’t even have any flashing LED lights on the case or light-up case fans. Isn’t that mandatory for “gaming” computers?

Is this computer listed just to make the other two look like better deals?


I gather this isn’t really a hit with y’all. LOL

Killer machine for a gamer like me… never buffers running Solitaire. I really like how the cards jump and spin when I win. Whhhooooppppeeeee!

If you love Solitaire as I do, you’ll want this machine to up your game.

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