HP Z440 Intel Xeon 1TB SATA Workstation

Got the Z210 last time it was offered. Using it for a media server. It was in outstanding condition (looked brand new). We use Z440’s at work. Seems the ONLY dif between the 210 and 440 was the number. http://computers.woot.com/offers/hp-z210-intel-xeon-quad-core-workstation-2

Added 2 more enterprise 2tb drives and a 120gb SSD. It records, decodes, converts video like it’s no big deal. Video card isn’t the best but it’s not to play, just capture and record. It only supports 32gb but this one will handle 128gb (which will required an adapter. I have a XW8600 on my desk now I used for testing software w/2 XEON processors and 64gb ram. The beast weights in at 50lbs dry).

One word of warning. It really has no way of adding internal water cooling if that’s your think and the fans don’t cool as well as they should. I added a couple of 4inch fans to pull air in from the front and blow down over the video card. Unless you want to invest in an external cooler, I wouldn’t plan on pushing this too hard.