HP Z640 Intel Xeon, 64GB DDR4 Workstation

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HP Z640 Intel Xeon, 64GB DDR4 Workstation
Price: $1999.99
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So someone tell me if this is worth it or why I shouldn’t buy it if I want a new comp.

The price difference is ridiculous to me honestly. $5120 for a desktop down to $2k?

Unless I buy Alienware I am not hitting $5k for a desktop. Even then I doubt I could.

So yea. Is it just previously overpriced or should I be pooping myself and buying this quick.

After looking at the individual components I think this PC is actually worth under $1K in parts you can buy. Try putting it together in PCpartspicker though if you want.

Nope. The six-core processor alone is worth $429 at Newegg today. If you need a powerful workstation, with plenty of expansion room, this is a pretty good way to go.

According to HPs workstation configuration, the memory option alone is $2050. That’s just for the 64g registered memory. Hp shows this config has a list price of $5120 but they running a promo getting the cost down to $4249 right now. So this exact system priced for half of HPs promo price is a fantastic deal.

for 2000$ i can build a computer around intels 8 core cpu line, these ones sell for 50$ used on ebay, get 2 of them, and still have another 1500$ left over to play with.

for the price, this is a horrible computer, a 4790k is a cheaper and more powerful cpu than this, hell, you could build a pc around a Intel Core i7-5820K for cheaper then this.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be too harsh, but I can’t let this one go.

That’s not even remotely in the same solar system as an apples to apples comparison.

For straight gaming, your pieced together system might make more sense, but these are top tier professional workstations intended for heavy design work, with ECC Memory, ISV certified graphics, and a 3 year warranty on the whole system. The motherboard can even support dual CPUs and 256GB RAM (with an expansion module).

I’m still using an old Z210 which is three generations older than this model and two steps down, and even that is really solid. I’d love to have one of these but can’t justify the expense. A lot of HP’s low-end consumer PCs can be rightly criticized, but their Z workstations are arguably among the very best available.

Actually, hey Woot! the specs say 8 DIMM slots. If that’s correct it would mean it must already have the second CPU/Memory card, which is where the other 4 slots would be located. Can you confirm? If this is dual-CPU, it would be an even better system than described. If not, you might want to clarify that it currently has 4 DIMM slots (max 128GB RAM), and could possibly be upgraded to 8 DIMM slots (max 256GB RAM) by adding the 2nd CPU and memory riser module.

HP customer service is a joke and they don’t honor their warranties. I bought an HP all in one(I won’t buy one of those or an HP again) from Woot. I didn’t realize it had an issue until after the 30 day Woot warranty. Woot told me I had a year warranty with HP. HP were a bunch of clowns and told me my computer was out of warranty. I kept explaining to them that I bought it factory refurbished from Woot, but they were idiots and told me Woot had them too long and the warranty was over, Their computer was showing the original buyer bought it 1.5 years ago. They sold me an extended warranty that I had to do a year contract with. Then they told me the computer was bad and that it wasn’t covered under their extended warranty. Then they wouldn’t let me cancel the extended warranty and I had to report them to my bank as fraudulent. I should have taken them to small claims court, but I just wrote them off as dishonorable clowns.

HP, you can GFY!

If you need to run things like SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD, Fluent, Siemens NX, or Adobe CC/Premiere/After Effects, etc, then you’re probably looking at the right class of system.
If you want to run GTA V maxed out at 4K, the bulk of your money is probably better spent on video card(s) rather than on the high-end workstation/server class components and 64GB ECC RAM that this system has… Unless it’s burning a hole in your pocket, in which case you could likely yank the Quadro K420 out and do an SLI setup in a system like this (but might want to double check the detailed specs to confirm).

I saw a bunch of these at an Army training wargames thing a while back. Knew they were probably powerful, didn’t know how expensive they are!!!

I agree with other folks posting that this is not a gaming machine, but rather a high-end workstation. Can you build something yourself with off-the-shelf parts for less? Probably. It’s not the best for gamin as-is, but it’s not meant to be. Considering that it is a currently offered product for half of what HP sells it for, I’d say it’s a good deal.

Also, just as you can’t compare HP’s consumer products to their enterprise products, you can’t compare their consumer support to their enterprise support. I recently had an HP Elitebook die at work after 2 years, and their repair process was fantastic.

One question about this machine - it looks like it has the options SAS controller card with 4 internal and 4 external ports, the LSI 9217-4i4e. Does it in fact have that card? Might be useful to someone. The 512GB SSD drive is SATA based according to HP’s quickspecs, but might be connected to that card instead of the onboard SATA.

Woot has the specs correct. According to HP’s Quick Specs… With single-processor configurations, 4 DIMM slots are available. 4 additional DIMM slots are available
with the 2nd CPU & Memory Module.

I am not sure I understand your reply here. The post has 8 “Memory Slots” . In order for that to be true, the expansion slot must be in place. RIght?

You wouldn’t be using any of those programs with the K420 graphics card. That’s a card to support multiple monitors with very low graphic needs. That’s also not a great processor for heavy graphic work, really low clock speed. ECC RAM is also a useless expense for a graphic/CAD workstation in my experience.

Please dont buy this computer, the price for what you get is offensive. I just bought one a couple months ago off Woot with a faster processor and four times as much storage for under $400 bucks. All those cores dont add up to jack shit if your processor is only 2.4 ghz. It appears the only thing this really has to differentiate itself from the cheaper one I bought is the 64 g of ram which is a bit of a scam because I could buy and install the difference myself for under $100. Check and compare the specs on the other pc’s offered on this site and you will quickly realize this is an ultra overblown pricetag. Skip it

Isn’t this the same processor on Ebay for $139 + $7 shipping?
Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3

edit: to be fair it is an engineering sample. You need to send your motherboard information to them prior to purchase so they can confirm if it will work or not. It does come with a 30 day warranty though