HP Z8 G4 Intel Xeon Gold Workstation

Umm. Yeah check the decision making on that $10k PC😋

Wow, for $10k this gold workstation must be made out of actual gold. out of my price range

I’ve spent over $2K on a workstation before, but this is a whole new level. This could run a small country.

I’m going to buy this to play minesweeper. :slight_smile:

I know I was surprised to be looking through computers in the $100’s then seeing this baby pop up !!!

Awww, man. Limit of 10? I was going to be in for 15.

DVD±RW drive - watch movies on your computer;

That’s the only reason I am even considering ordering one… watch old DVDs…

Seriously woot!, you should do better than this…

Z840, dual E5-2696v4 (44 cores/88 threads), 128GB DDR4 RAM, HP Z Turbo Drive G2 512GB, Win 10 Pro, Quadro P6000. This is a 10k system with 3 years warranty.

Unless Tony Stark had a hand in its construction, and it can turn into flexible body armor on a dime, with propulsion units and repulsor rays, I’m Out!


Are you trying to make a point with a system with different specs?

Is this REALLY almost 10K? I think someone screwed up the decimal point. Almost 1K would be more like it.

No typo. It’s a top tier business machine.

This is an engineer machine. Would be great for AutoCAD. That is what the Nivdia GPU is made for.

Can I check my email and surf the INTERNET with this?

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

I’m just surprised no one asked that question yet. If they did, I’d direct them to this little jewel