HP Z840 Intel Xeon M4000 8GB Workstation

HP Z840 Intel Xeon M4000 8GB Workstation

From the photos it appears that this system comes with dual CPUs, but the descriptive text doesn’t say dual. The only clue I see is the first feature item “Get reliable performance from the Intel Xeon E5-2640 v4 10-Core 2.4GHz processors” – processors is plural.

Can Woot confirm one or two CPUs? Thanks.

This is the most expensive thing on Woot – you’d think someone in CS might offer an answer of some sort. It might help sell this system…

Hi there. I’ve asked but I haven’t heard back yet.

and just heard back

Yes, this one does have Dual CPU’s. Updating the features/specs to make it more clear.

Thanks TT. That makes a difference. This system could be configured by HP as a single or dual and those CPU’s are priced at around $1000 each :wink:

So the CPUs account for half the price. How much does that graphics card go for? Where’s the monitor port(s)? A modern machine with PS/2 ports?

Great price. In for 10.

Yes it has 2 PS/2 ports, but it also has 8 USB 3.0 ports as well 16 memory slots – not your run-of-mill MB :wink:

The M4000 GPU is currently priced around $700 - $800 and has 4 Display Ports. But, interestingly (and sadly, typical of a Woot listing) they appear to be using photos that do not represent the actual system that is for sale. A closer look at the photos show a K6000 GPU, and the photo of the back of the system shows no GPU installed at all.