HP ZBook 15" Full-HD Intel i7 Quad Core Laptops

Had a similar machine (i7-4900MQ, Quadro K2100M) in an engineering office environment from 2014-17. Capable of CATIA, Pro/Engineer, & NASTRAN (tho I never exercised it that way). Loved it. Bullet-proof; excellent heavy-duty machine.

‘Upgraded’ to Dell Precision 7510 last year - HP was much preferred.

What if the one they ship to you is really worn from use and isn’t close to “pristine”. Can you get your money back or no ?

It looks like it might have a finger print reader. Does it?

Well that explains now why I’ve been getting the message something along the lines of “you’re eligible for Prime benefits!” when I log into Woot!

Anyone know if this would be good for doing Adobe work (InDesign, Photoshop, etc.)?

It says you can upgrade to 32gb of ram. Anyone know how hard it would be to do that?

Yeah, we have to use stock photos. Go by our specs. I don’t see it called out so assume no.

You can review our return policy by following the link in my signature. :slight_smile:

What’s the modification? The laptop screen is IPS or TN+Film?

HP screens are generally TN. They are very good TN panels, though.

You will actually prefer a TN panel on something like this where the videocard might be utilized for games. The K1100M is a pretty good card, although it’ll stuggle to play modern games at the native panel resolution in full detail.

This is a decent price for a monster machine. It isn’t very portable, but for $400 this rivals anything you’d pick up at Best Buy for the same price.

Thank You! Are you sure there’s a TN+Film screen installed? As far as I know, this model was produced with different screen types and I would like to know the exact modification (if possible).

Generally, in these situations our vendors are sourcing product with many different configurations. Since we can’t guarantee what each customer will receive, we advertise the lowest common spec. For the display on the 1st Generation of the ZBook 15, that would be “LED-backlit FHD SVA eDP anti-glare”.

Is it touch screen?

It is very sad that there is no detailed information, this is an important point! I have a Sony Vaio SVF14N1 laptop with a weak processor (I3 4500u). But there’s a great IPS screen. And it is difficult to order HP, in my situation it is similar to a lottery.

I have had several refurbs and have never had one nor heard of one that was worn out before refurbishing.
They are ones that were either simply returned after a short trial,
or something went wrong, they were replaced and repaired. They have served me well time and again.
I bought this one, too.

Received mine with no optical drive, a 500GiB HDD, not the 256GiB SSD I’d selected.

I’d call it DoA, but it did boot, ONCE. After initial Windows configuration, it powered off during the initial reboot, status lights for power and charging on the front are flashing, likewise, the backlighting behind the power button and caps lock. It will not power back on.

Have contacted support.

Mine came in with everything except my SSD, which was one of two reasons I purchased it. No boot problems for me though.

I’m very sorry about the issues with the laptop. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Yet another one that won’t start up. What’s going on here. You would think a Certified Microsoft Refurbisher would know what they are doing.

I have got to say, I am beyond unimpressed in this Woot. I know we take a chance with refurb items, but a certified refurbisher who theoretically quality checks everything should not let this sort of rubbish out their door. Like others, won’t boot into the OS, and the battery will not stay attached. Now I can’t even get it to power on to BIOS so I can try an OS repair.

Woot offers a refund, as they should, or a (HUGE!) $40 credit if I choose to repair locally. However, this was intended to replace a broken laptop for a student in my family, and now I’m out 1.5 weeks on delivery of this POC, plus whatever time for Woot to receive the RMA and credit back my account, while the school calendar rolls on.

Woot, please distance yourself from Metro Business Systems if this is the crap they sell.