HP ZBook 15-G3 15" i7, 16/256GB Laptop

What is the model number for this laptop and does it have the backlit keyboard??

Per the title, it’s HP ZBook 15-G3.

Specs don’t call out a backlit keyboard so assume no.



Curious as to why both of these HP ZBook 15-G3 Mobile Workstations on the main computers page are listed for the exact same price of $849.99?

According to the description, this one has half the RAM and HD capacity than the other one that is also listed. So, if that is indeed true, shouldn’t it be cheaper?

Also, I did notice one error on this listing that has contradicting info in separate locations.

The following information “8GB DDR4, 256GB SATA” on the front page in: main description, features tab, and specs tab matches. However, when you click on the “Discuss this deal” button, in the title above the comment box the RAM states “16GB”, therefore, it does not match the “8GB” number that is posted in the other three locations I listed above.

Sorry…not trying to be nitpicky, but any clarification you can provide would be appreciated!