HP ZBook Studio 15-G3 15" Intel i7 UHD 4K Workstation

What is the laptops model number? And there is a discrepancy in the specs. It states a 4k IPS screen but a resolution of 1920x1080.

What is precise resolution of this model? UHD or FHD? There’s a confliction between descriptions of product.

Per the vendor: The reference in the specs is wrong, these are UHD.

It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing out the issue!

Is HP Worldwide warranty applied for 1 yr?

You can read the specific details of the warranty where it is linked at the bottom of the description.

yo Woot!
i think there’s confusion on the specs you have listed regarding the video RAM. i have one of these machines and it’s 4GB. also, on HP’s site, there’s no way to configure the Studio ZBook with anything different than 4GB.
so the question, is this really a Studio-G3 or is it just a regular G3?

i’ve tried several linux distros on this box. i’m not a linux master by any means, so maybe experts would have less trouble, but FWIW, it’s pretty good.
I got the machine in March and had much trouble then, but linux has come a long way for Skylake support. however, some distros have a lot of trouble with scaling the 4k screen.
the biggest headache by far has been bluetooth. every 10 or so reboots, the bluetooth says it’s connected to my mouse but no go.
sometimes it takes booting into another installed distro and having that one say it’s “connected”, then reboot and it works in the other distro.

but, it’s incredibly light, the screen is great, it’s super fast and virtually silent. the fans do make noise when it’s cranking 3D rendering, but probably to be expected.

hope this helps.

From the buyer:
Vendor specs state 2GB of video memory. We’re re-checking with them.

Check back for an update!