HP ZR2240w 21.5" LED-Backlit IPS Monitor

This is the 22 inch version of the HP ZR2740w monitor that I use. These came from HP’s business line, not the consumer line. This is an old design and they are probably trying to get rid of the remaining inventory. But if you are looking for a screen of this size, I would say this is a good price for a very good monitor. Even with the LED backlight, it’s pretty heavy and the construction is very solid. Very. It only has a 90 day warranty which is odd being a new, not rebuilt item. But any issues with initial installation or a defective unit are handled by HP’s business/commercial division, not the consumer division. The representatives are very helpful, but their product knowledge of this monitor will be minimal or nothing. I called the product support line, and they really wanted to help me, but they didn’t know enough about the product to come up with an answer. The question was, why doesn’t the USB hub work. I had to find the answer myself, which is that to use the 4 outlet USB hub on the monitor, the monitor must be connected to a USB3 port on the computer. So you get 4 USB2 ports on your monitor, which is convenient, but you give up one USB3 port on your computer. If you don’t have any USB3 ports on the computer, the USB hub function of the monitor will not work.

But regarding the monitor display, I can say the screen itself is outstanding, on my 27 inch version. Obviously the 22 inch version uses a different screen, and I have not personally viewed it. My 27 inch screen is extremely accurate in the RGB color space. For this 22 inch model, 16.7 million colors is nothing to brag about, it’s just 8 bit sRGB color. But if HP used a similar quality LCD panel, the color balance should be very close to 100% accurate. Calibration is easy if you are patient and careful. If you are distributing color sensitive image files, such as posting on the internet or creating web pages, this monitor should be very useful to you because it’s going to display a very accurate representation of what the end user will see on their equipment. If you have any intention of using a larger RGB color space such as Adobe RGB or ProPhoto RGB, this monitor will be useless to you because it won’t display all of those colors. But unless you have total control of color management from image capture through editing, display, and printing, it’s best to stay with sRGB anyway to avoid color mismatches.
Bottom line - I would recommend this monitor as a high quality item at a good price.