HRL Tech Universal Car Charger



i wish they had 2fers on sellout.woots… oh well, here’s some comparison shopping links… get to and it’s like a 2fer… not bad.


well as usual, i bought 3


3 was the only way it was worth it


product(s): 1 HRL Tech Universal Car Charger MPS002
condition: New
$0.99 + $5 shipping


You can’t use the device while it is charging, otherwise this would be sweet.


Awesome! I finally bought something at sellout.woot! And I don’t even know what it is! I gonna go read the description now . . . .


In for 3. Now I don’t have to buy an expensive car charger for my Zune.


Nah, The USB port sounded enticing, but the only USB device i’d use is my iPod, and the dock I have charges it.


well after reading the specs, I just wasted $7.97 again, but you never know how long this thing will last, what ever it is, LMAO


HRL Tech looks surprisingly like The Wizard Universal Charger from woot. which didn’t work for what i wanted - USB charging…


More stocking stuffers! Thanks woot/yahoo.


So, this thing can charge mp3 players?


If they charge from a USB and have a Li-Ion battery


Cool. I could use a charger for a couple of my MP3 players. In for 3.


Will it charge a RAZR? Those moto folk are picky about what will and what won’t charge their phone.


Does anyone know how exactly it charges Li-ion batteries? Is there an outlet somewhere on here that I’m missing?

I bought 3, but only because eight bucks is a meal and a half for me, and I’m on a diet anyway. XD



I use 2 of the AC universal chargers to power a usb hub which i use to charge my ipod and various usb devices.


This item has been sold before on woot (an ac version), here,

according to oepone (someone who posted on the other item’s descussion:

"1. You take your rechargeable battery out of the device it is in (so NO, it won’t work for iPods).

  1. You clamp it in the clip and slide the two metal arms in the clip onto the metal contacts on your battery.

  2. You push the test button to make sure you have the polarity correct.

  3. If it’s wrong, you push another button to change the polarity.

  4. You push the charge button.

BUT… You say your battery has 6 or 7 metal spots on it and you don’t know which two are the two to use? WELL… You start with the first two and push the test button. If they are the wrong ones, you then move one of the metal arms to the next spot on the battery. Push test again. Through trial and error you ultimately find the right two spots on your battery and you’re ready to push the charge button.

Just be sure to note which 2 spots on your battery are the right 2 spots.

This thing is great when the little power plug on your device (say a cell phone) is broken and you can’t charge the phone anymore.

Hope the time I took to write this helps someone…



I bought 3 because these things are selling out in seconds on this site. Now to ask the question- USB means I can plug my usb into my car using this device or USB means it also will use USB to provide a charge to the device?