HTC One (Verizon & GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

And the camera worked well right up until it picked up the Jimmy Hendrix effect. (Purple Haze)

I mention this because it was a manufacturing and/or design defect, yet HTC would not repair my phone or issue a recall. I had several HTC phones up to that point. Haven’t bought one since.

Will this work with ATn T

Yes, it will work on 3g and may work on 4g based on the results from a search on

does it work on T-Mobile amazon capability says 2G only… what is “No Voice/Text and Partial Data Connection”

This phone will not work with T-mobile. Just called them.

My M7 had this problem too and it drove me bananas. Great phone other than the terrible camera and inability to remove the battery.

Is the camera tinting a problem on the M8s as well?

Thank you, I was getting yes and no’s from Amazon “questions and answers”. I’m looking for a phone to replace my Samsung Galaxy 5s, without going broke (under 150.00).

With one exception, when I’ve bought a used phone, both from Woot and Amazon, I’ve simply removed the SIM from the current phone and inserted it into the new phone. The one exception was when the new phone used a SIM of a different size, so I went to the Verizon store to get the correct size.

Does anyone know if this supports wifi calling when upgraded to nougat?

haha, i think we’re in the same boat…looking to upgrade my Galaxy S5. starting to get a bit slow despite staying on top of the memory.

my budget is similar to yours but i think i might pull the trigger on a Galaxy S7 in similar scratch/dent conditions for $199 on eBay. they seem to have a whole lot on there and the S7 will be both familiar and greatly enhanced.

Thank you for mentioning this. I had an old HTC that had that issue and I had forgotten all about it. It was maddening! I think I’ll stay away.

Do not buy this phone. I had an M model and A model. The M is a Microsoft phone…big fail. The A is android but the phone just sucked overall and I paid a lot more than what they are selling this phone for. Terrible phone if they were giving it away.

I was tempted to leave it with the fun y’all were having but I corrected it. :tongue:

It’s a Verizon phone that is unlocked for GSM.

These will be used. From the features:

Scratch & Dent: These units have been restored to full working order. They may have minor cosmetic blemishes to the body of the unit and surface scratches on the screen. This will not impair use of the device.

I do remember this and I was lucky with my first M7 that never had the issue until something on the motherboard fried and the phone didn’t work anymore. Bought one that was supposedly “new” stock from newegg a couple years later and nope the first and its replacement both had that issue. Still really loved that phone though

I agree with laziboie.
It’s a great phone with a sucky camera. I’d probably still have mine if it wasn’t for the fact that almost all of my pics came out sub-par, especially when compared to my older Galaxy. It’s a commonly known problem with these phones and no amount of software updates HTC tried could fix it.
It was an eventual deal-breaker for me.

Is there an exact model number given for each of these models? That makes the difference for finding out which bands will work or not for which carrier

I went S5 active to S8 a few months ago and man, looking at my old phone is like looking through a screen door. You won’t regret it!

Yes, it was a “dual ultrapixel camera” with some interesting 3d tricks, but HTC’s “ultrapixels.” I had the phone for a bit; it was horrible in low light; images were decent, and I think I used the 3d tricks maybe twice altogether.

For the money, the M9 is a better phone. (I had that phone as well).

Yes on the M7s and M8s. Not sure about the M9s.