HTC Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Organizer Rack

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HTC Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Organizer Rack
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $24 Two-Day OR $27 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 30 to Tuesday, Jul 01) + transit
Condition: New


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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon and let’s all read a review over at


Let’s head on over to the product page

This is $60 in most places including Amazon ($59.99 Prime).

If it’s as good quality as the PortaMate folding saw bench sold here in woot earlier this week, then it’ll be very nice. Could use more but buying one to check it out for myself.

Bought this rack last time for my new garage and I absolutely love it. Worth every penny to get all my project wood off the floor.

Any carpenter or wood-worker worth their tool belt would build there own lumber rack from previous project remnants.

It’s not that hard to insert some dowells into the supports and mount the whole thing to some structure in your garage or woodshop. Any 1st year high-school shop student could build it in less than an hour.

This his been a lifesaver when renovating our house. Installed in our garage for all the crown moulding, baseboards, etc. If you have a lot to store and wall space to accommodate, I recommend picking up a couple so you can have different spans.

Pretty sure I’m going to get at least one of these for my 60 year old father who seems to hoard lumber. Which isn’t a huge deal except it’s just in piles.

I was thinking the same thing initially, but I usually end up using my scrap wood for more valuable projects. I also happen to have a few large chestnut beams and other free lumber I picked up taking up a lot of floor space.

I also find that the time I could save buying this for such a small price is worth having that time back to work on a better project. In for one.

12 feet of 1" hardwood dowell less than $1 / ft. One 8’ 2x4, less than $3, a forstner bit, some glue and screws, that’s all you need.

You would spend more time checking the shipping status on-line for the one you ordered than building it in your woodshop. And it would cost only $15 if you purchased all new materials. Much less cost if you used some remnants.

Plus, if you are going to store longer stock, you will need additional supports in the center. Build 3 (or 4) to properly store your stock.

Go build something!

Am I the only one who thinks the 110 lb limit is low? Just how many 2x4s (for instance) is that?

Would your DIY version be as strong as the steel rack? Then again, do you need to be able to carry 110lbs per shelf if they are on 4’ centers?

The weak point on either system would be the joint where the arms are attached to the support. A properly mortised wood joint is probably stronger than a riveted or screwed metal joint. With the arms only 12" long, there is little risk in the actual arm breaking in either model. It is the joint that would fail first.

Is HTC the next Pyle? Making everything and anything under the sun (or at least putting their name on it).

Mine is homemade. Before putting up sheetrock, I nailed 2x4xwhatever lengths to the studs (sanded & shaped), every other stud, all the way up. I can have a whole wall of lumber.
It did make rocking the wall harder, though…
People can tell me what a nice rack I have.

Does this have to be mounted on the wall or can I set it on the ground?

This looks like I could mount it inside my shed, and use it for shelving smaller items if I laid out some shelving boards as opposed to lumber storage…

Anyone use it as a shelf system?

I agree with building it yourself if that is a reasonable option, but your $15 budget did not include the cost of 1" Forstner bit. I guess in a pinch you could use a paddle bit (which would be cheaper), but will not be as nice.

I second this question!