HTC Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Organizer Rack

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HTC Portamate Wood Storage Lumber Organizer Rack
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Home Depot Reviews

While this is a nice addition to your grage shop or shed, it’s just too easy and inexpensive to duplicate out of inexpensive framing lumber and still occupies a lot of valuable space. You’re looking at a cost of nearly $50 considering the cost of shipping and taxes added to the product cost. There must be a better way.

Anyone know if this might be useful for kayak(s)?

I bought a couple of these the last time Woot had them. They are a great space saver. I set one up at 48" spacing for shorter boards and one at 64" spacing for 8’ boards. I was able to mount them just below the 11’ ceilings in my garage. This freed up a lot of space. They are reasonably easy to install.

Mirror this.

Its also a poor way to store lumber, you would need atleast 4 of these to store an 8’ board or else they will sag in the middle very quickly.

too bad it doesn’t come with the wood #notaneuphemism #ormaybenot

2015 will finally be the year I organize my wood! Thanks woot!

I bought this from Woot several months ago and have been very pleased. This is a well planned engineered product. The shelves have a slight tilt back toward the wall. This allows for storage of long round plumbing pipes as they do not roll off the end of the shelf. The strength of each shelf is rated at 110 pounds. The product has saved me a lot of work space and improved organization. I use it to store lumber, pipes and hang up ladders.

If the kayak is less that 100 pounds then you may be able to use this. The weight capacity per shelf is 110 pounds. The shelf depth is just over 12" which is shallow for a kayak. You might consider placing a 2" pvc pipe of 2’ long over the shelf rod (like a male - female connection). This would provide extra shelf depth. This might work for the top shelf storage. Otherwise you might hang the kayak from the bottom shelf with rope, parallel to the wall and have the kayak bottom facing the wall.

why are these priced higher than the last time on Woot? I got a set last summer, easy enough to install, and no bracing eating up storage area, which would have been the case if I had built my own. But not a good deal now, boo.

65 reviews, 3 customer pics, and 3 answered questions over at Amazon (although the price is double because it’s a woodworking specialty shop selling it through Amazon).

n43 … planning to use as 2 sets of 3 mounted on concrete walls over a desk and workbench in my shop … both areas are currently just blank walls and therefore wasted space … will use slightly different spacing in each location to give me a lot of flexibility for board length (I have a LOT of drop-off pieces!).

50 lb per rung should be plenty, especially since there is only about 7" gap between rungs.

Might leave the second rung off of one or both and use it as a shelf. Lots of options for $125 delivered.

You’d have to lengthen the horizontal supports (suitably sized PVC pipe?) but it should work fine. You probably could store two kayaks. The vertical spacing is adjustable. Here’s a link to the instructions:

Could I adjust the bars so they can be closer to each other? I have about 400 6 foot boards in my garage waiting on spring to install a fence. I don’t want the boards to warp…any suggestions??

It seems that I think I know what you’re asking but I’m not quite sure. I believe you’re asking “how do I keep the boards from sagging?”…right? Well, you can accomplish that by buying two of these units and slipping one between the other, which will allow you several other points of support. Or, since this alternative will cost you twich as much money, you may want to look around and try to find a more appropriate model. Finally, you can build the one you want and need by ripping some solid 2 x 4 framing lumbe into 2 x 2 widths with about 4 points of support for you lumber. This alternative is the least expensive and gives you the best chance of having good lumber when it’s time to build your fence.

Anyone with the right tools could make one of these. That said, the cost of steel will close in on the asking price (39.99) pretty quickly. Just looking at it, there’s probably at least $20 in steel if you want to fab one of these yourself.

You could also make this with lumber, but that option is either going to be bulkier or less sturdy.

You’ve only considered the cost of material and left out the cost of labor to fab something like this. (Even if you are doing the work, your effort is worth something).

You can invest half the time of making this into time to put it up AND load it… And you’ll still be ahead on cost!

You can accomplish the same thing by only using one unit, installing the supports at 2’ apart, which (with 6’ boards) would leave 2’ at each end & 2’ in the center. You won’t get much sagging over a couple of months time, not if this is set up in a cool -dry- environment!

Any sagging of at most 1/8" to 3/8" for the entire 6’ length, should be easy to deal with when using it for fencing.

Just make sure the 400 boards are divided over the 4 available support levels and not all placed on a single support.

Alternatively, you can install one of these units with its supports at 4 feet apart, leaving you with 1’ on each end; at which point you can use a couple of boards to build a center support for the bottom most level (ground level to the first support level up from there), and use a couple more board cut to the proper length to shimmy a support between the remaining levels.

Sorry…That’s NOT gonna happen!
6 shelves @ 110# load limit=660# total. So unless your boards are each less than about 1.5 # (not likely) they will be over the limit.

(average wt for a 6 ft fence board with nominal 1x4 PT is around 6 lbs plus so most you could hope for is getting about 25% up on the rack before you exceed the load limits)