HTC Tool Table for Power and Bench Top Tools

HTC Tool Table for Power and Bench Top Tools
Price: $39.99
Condition: New

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An HTC product that DOES work

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What appears to be a better alternative from Harbor Freight starting at $28 prior to any discount coupons.

that pressed “wood” for the top should be durable. unkess you spill a glass of water on it.

Good call…

[QUOTE=casey00001, post:6, topic:401671]
What appears to be a better alternative from Harbor Freight starting at $28 prior to any discount coupons.

Just don’t. I bought one of those earlier this year. It came without the nuts & bolts necessary for assembly. Called 'em (no email support) and could not get shipment of just the hardware kit so they sent another “complete” box. Again, no nuts/bolts. Called again, they agreed that I should take it to nearest HF. Drive out there early one morning before a client visit. Wait on someone who can assist. I go look at the product. Of the four I open, only one has the kit. I take that box, return mine. That weekend I begin the assembly, to discover that the kit had all the bolts, but none of the nuts. And they’re all metric M5s that my Home Depot, Ace and Lowe’s don’t have in shelf stock. (I can substitute, I know) By this time I’m at the deadline for a med procedure that takes me out of DIY condition for 3 months. Lost weeks to the HF dance for a $30 product. I’ve seen many sneer at the mere mention of HF. I get it now.

Great call! There are 25%-off coupons all over the place right now too and a coupon for a free crummy screwdriver set. Will drive by HF this am to pick one up. As for the missing nuts guy; 52 nuts, washers and screws, if really missing can be picked up for free at HF, just ask. Also they are about $3 total at HD or Lowes.

Wow. Gotta love those Amazon reviews! Thin, poor quality metal… Lousy hardware… Flimsy, hard to assemble… Quality marginal at best… These are the facts that any potential sucker, Er, purchaser, needs to know!

What do folks think about Woot (Amazon) offer such a poor quality product?

Is it all “buyer beware”, or do you, like me, try to buy only from businesses that check out the quality of a product before they decide to offer it to their customers?

Over the last couple years I’ve started treating woot just like any other online retailer. If I see something I like I read reviews and search for a cheaper price.

But with the change in shipping cost on Woot, and the lackluster return policy, I’m hard-pressed these days to buy anything I haven’t actually seen in person or used myself.

Harbor Freight sucks fat moose dong. You’re better off building a tool table out of popsicle sticks.


You made out like a masked bandit! So far you have 2 table kits and you paid for only one. You can go to your local hardware store and easily buy the hardware you need for about 2 bucks. I would like to have problems like this every day.

I don’t know of a company that constantly checks the quality of the merchandise they sell. I did know of one, who several years ago went out of business. The reason they went out of business is because the price of their products was TOO HIGH!! The reason their prices were too high is because they would delist all the inexpensive merchandise in order to give their customers the best stuff available. Unfortunately, their customers, regardless of what they might say regarding merchandise quality, really only wanted the cheap stuff. So, don’t always listen to the customer because complaining is a customers favorite past time.

I agree, woot before amazon woot used to be great, when they just had and none of the others, the deals were amazing and i bought a ton of crap that i did not need cause the price was so good. Now, you can save a few bucks sometimes, but nothing is a good enough deal to make me buy something i dont need, now if i see something that im already looking for and its a few bucks cheaper then ill get it, but its nothing like the old days like in 2006 to 2008

I have two of the HF units- bought them for under $25 on sale. Got a belt sander on one, a bandsaw on the other, as as far as I can tell they’re absolutely identical to this unit. Kind of crude but they make a good, solid tool platform.


I’ve done the same ‘dance’ with HF and I’ve learned my lesson. Harbor Freight: Making Walmart look marginally better since 1977!

I say it’s business as usual, though in the past, there was more truth in advertisting.

They sold 839 of those crappy projectors, BTW.