Huawei 4GB Smart Watch - Stainless Steel

Yes: You could disable Huawei fitness from showing up in the last of apps. (There are several interconnected things which need to be disabled though.)

No: This watch does not have Wear OS on it. Even though on the versions page in settings on the watch it will show Wear OS, it is still using the Android Wear boot-up, though the software is the same.

Yes: The speaker works fine for independent calls.

No: This watch does not have independent GPS, NFC, or LTE.

If it takes a lickin’, will it keep on tickin’?

Great watch, just be prepared for image burn when you start using all those great watch face created by the user watch face community. They all look great and work as the artist intended. But unlike the dozen+ faces that come with the watch. Most aftermarket faces (free - $2.99) don’t have a shift or timeout. And since most watch wearers want screen to be visible all the time. The screen WILL get imageburn once you tire of the factory faces.
But, it is a very good smartwatch. I’ve bought most of the watches going back to the Moto 360 days.

I’ve had quite a few Android Wear and Wear OS devices. IMHO this is still one of the best looking devices

I’ve been wearing this watch for years and it’s excellent. came from a moto 360 and this is so much better in every facet. Also, i have screen always on and i experience no burn in at all. Impressive for OLED

The “fives” are upside down

Just echoing most of what has been said already.

Aesthetically, I don’t think there’s a better smartwatch on the market. I love that I can wear mine with any kind of suit and a quick change of the band/face can drastically alter the appearance. And speaking of bands, it’s great that it just uses any standard 18mm band, so they’re a dime a dozen on Amazon.

I haven’t experienced any burn-in after about 2 years of continuous use, but I don’t use any 3rd party watch faces, so that may help.

I suppose you could make the argument that Huawei is lumped in there with ZTE in terms of companies with questionable security/privacy, but that’s a whole can of worms I’m not going to open (or will open and run away). :slight_smile:

A lot of the negative comments on Amazon have to do with the length of the battery charge. can any current users comment on that aspect? I have the fitbit ionic and am not certain I like it or the square face and I am attracted to the circular face of this one.

Most Android Wear/Wear OS devices leave a lot to be desired regarding battery life.

As it stands right now, I can go over a day on a single full recharging of the device, although I usually don’t do that.

This is with my watch being connected to my phone solely through Bluetooth.

If I start using WiFi connectivity, then battery drains faster.

I also don’t usually make calls through my watch, although I will text from it.

I guess what I’m saying is:

Your mileage may vary for battery life, but if you want to constantly use your watch while still getting great battery life, there are other watches which do that.

Just like the post above mine. Battery life on these watches is like asking, “how long is a piece of string”. It varies greatly, from new to nearly 2 years old like mine is. You’re looking at a few hours to almost 2 days between charges. If you Max this out for EVERYTHING it can do…make several calls “through” it, texting several times an hour, play a few watch games, use a busy/animated watch face, and contantly keep tracking your steps/hearbeat…it will be dead before lunch. On the other hand, just periodically checking steps/hearbeat and swiping to see text and not making calls(but answering through phone) and a sensible(or stock watch face). I have been able to wear this 2 days straight(even after a couple years of use). Although, it’s really close to dead near dinner on day 2.

I would say, an average user with medium mixed use will be able to go from 7am to about 7pm on a charge.

For a new watch(since this is a first gen watch from 2 years ago). This is a good price and unless this model somehow varies from the original I bought. This watch has nearly the same specs as current gen watches and includes sapphire glass that almost none of the competition even has. Very good for not scratching the face.

And if this is the same packaging and watch I bought 2 years ago. Even the box and packaging shows how good the quality of these watches from Hauwei are. These originally were the PREMIUM smartwatch and prices were $400-$500!

Thank you for the info. I have to admit, I’m not going to be a hyper user, but I also don’t relish the idea of having to charge this almost everyday.

With regards to burn-in, if you enable “Developer options” on the watch, and scroll down to “Wear Developer options”, you can force the watch to deal with burn-in protection.

Once enabled, it takes effect upon restarting the watch.

It works by slightly shifting the watchface when it is in ambient mode, and then puts it back to normal when you turn the screen ‘on’.

I have not tried it with 3rd party watch faces, or apps like Facer and WatchMaker.

As JinOh pointed out, burn-in isn’t an issue with the watch faces which the watch come with, as the burn-in protection comes into play.

I bought this watch a little after it came out, and for significantly less than the retail price.

It came with all of the boxes/papers.

IMMEDIATELY I contrasted the packaging to the LG G Watch, because that was intended as an entry-level watch, and the box which THAT came in was NOTHING in comparison.

Oh, and if you store music on watch, and you play music from the watch, then that will also affect battery life.

So will actively using Google Maps on it, although if you navigate using phone, you’ll see directions on your watch in ambient mode.

(Since Android Wear 2.0, I have disliked how the watch handles transferring music from Play Music to the watch, as on 1.X, syncing music could be done easily from the phone app.)

Meh… the Huawei Watch 2 is currently on sale at the mothership for only a few bucks more with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and stuff like built-in GPS and NFC Google Pay. I’m a big fan of Huawei since buying my Mate 9 a while back. I’m not such a fan of Wear 2.0, which I have on another smartwatch, so I’m not buying this one or the Watch 2, though I’m tempted.

Personal opinion incoming…

The Watch 2 could be half the price and I’d still opt for the original. They really ruined the aesthetic with the Watch 2 IMO. The original is just simple and clean.

On the point of battery life - I’m what I would consider a ‘light’ user. Mine is paired to an iPhone, so I’m working with a reduced set of features right out of the gate. 90% of my usage is just checking notifications. I charge mine every night if possible, but on the off occasion that I can’t, mine will go until evening of the second day before it goes into battery saver mode, probably dead by midnight.

I have owned this watch for over two years. I love it. People complement me on it regularly; they typically are surprised it is a smartwatch.

I also purchased the Huawei Smartwatch 2. Its screen is smaller and watchfaces that look great on my original look terrible on it. The original has a cleaner look, too.

I typically get a full day on my battery and charge it overnight when I don’t want to be wearing a watch anyway.

With included Samsung fast charger? Wow…

Linked amazon reviews appear to be for Huawei Watch 2