Huawei 4GB Smart Watch - Stainless Steel

I have this watch. I purchased it for $300 about 2 years ago.

It is bulky. We bought two, and my wife hated hers. However, I like it.

It has a decent band on it, but is a standard band size, so it is very interchangeable.

The charger is annoying. You have to line it up perfectly. Eventually, you get it right. It’s an art.

I have scratched the heck out of the bezel, and not a single scratch on the screen.

I suggest it - if you don’t want something compact. Nearly two years, still works great.

How’s the battery life?

Mine lasts all day and has 10-30% left, depending on use.

This product must be the longest lasting item ever on Woot. I think it has been here for weeks.

Not even close: