HUD w/ OBD II Connector

Without a model number or actual specs listed, getting a unit that works on your vehicle is a gamble. Amazon shows different units for various groups of domestic and import vehicles.

I agree. I’d be in for one if I knew it would work.

Here you go:


I bought one of these when they had it a few weeks ago.
I can’t fully determine if I like it or not.
First off, upon opening the package the first thought was CHEAP! It’s basically a hollow piece of plastic with lights in it. The auto dimming option is so sensitive I can’t drive in the city because the street lights set it off causing you to drive with a flashing HUD. In the day you simply can NOT see it (SW America).
It’s sort of bulky. There’s no where to put it in my car that isn’t directly on the defroster making me wonder just how long it would last.
The alarms are handy but there are better options for alarms for 1/3 the price and bluetooth (Goliath on sale in woot here: ).
It’s ok for a HUD in a not-so-bright part of the country possibly, or at night in the boondocks, or the ability to have some type of diagnostic tool on board.
The more professional and cleaner way would be with the link provided but that is not HUD.

As I said, I’m really up in the air with this product still but I hope this helps someone.

Caution: the fuel options for distance left on a tank are in Liters, and unlike the speedometer which can be changed from Kilo to Mile, the FUEL IS ONLY LITERS.

I purchased one of these in early December as a Christmas gift for my dad who’s dash occasionally acts up and is expensive to fix.

For a speedometer, it’s pretty handy. So issues seeing in bright day time as others mentioned.
However, there was an included window decal (transparent gold) that you affix to the windshield above where you will place the unit. Then the unit is placed under and the gold film becomes the backdrop for the reflection.

I bought one for my Toyota. I hooked it up once and it didn’t work at all. Tried to get my money back from Woot. They said NOPE! SO, I hooked it up and fiddled with the thing until it gave me some numbers. It is good for miles per hour and some other calculation I don’t use, but that is about it. The screen with it was a waste of time because I could never get it on the windshield without bubbles. So I use it with the normal windshield. On really sunny days, you cannot see it, but at dawn, dusk, night and cloudy days, it works decently enough for my wife to tell me to slow down because I am driving too fast. Yay… Not my best WOOT purchase.