Huddle For Warmth: Anyone in TX/OK Feelin' the Cold?

I’m bored, so I figured I’d see who braved the icy roads today. Or, if anyone had an interesting story to tell about it. Or, if you just wanted to share how you spent your day in cold seclusion.

Or, if you’re from the North: feel free to call us Southerners pansies.

I’m in the DFW area, personally. I know the Arlington ISD has already canceled school for tomorrow, which is rather unprecedented (since they usually wait until the last minute to announce, or so I remember from my childhood). My dad is originally from Columbus, OH; he gleefully went into work at 6:00AM today just to stick it to everyone else who phoned in and claimed they couldn’t make it to the office.

Me? I cooked two over-easy eggs and watched Zoolander under the blankie. Now there’s ice on the cable lines, and my internet is cutting in and out. I want to go play Dead Space 2 'til my eyes bleed, but I actually have design work to get finished and should probably err on the side of responsibility. -_-;; That’s all I got. -x]

what is this… “icy” of which you write? i am not familiar with the concept.

I like the cold and Texas is rarely cold enough, so this is great.

It’s what happens when you’re a munchkin and you get excited during Winter, and you ask your mother, “Mommy, is it going to snow tonight?!” And she says, “No, we’re going to get freezing rain.” And you don’t understand the difference until you’ve cracked your butt on the pavement outside after you ran excitedly to play in the beautiful Texas snow. But it wasn’t snow. It was ice covered in lies. And you lose a little of your innocence to Mother Nature.

That’s “icy”. -:smiley: Why, where you live?

a somewhat more civilised place than tejas, i guess. oops, i guess i’m not supposed to post in this thread. sorry!

Lol. I was just kidding. Still kind of bored. Anyone can post in this thread. -:stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to just … go do actual stuff now. >_>;;


I saw one of the city sanders ( a pick up with a spreader in the bed) get stuck and they were shoveling the sand from the back under their wheels. I also saw tire chains on cop cars. I lived in Canada for 44 years and never saw tire chains.


Haven’t seen tire chains in years and years. I figured maybe Wisconsin, Minnesota, those places. But not Texas. //snicker//

Hah! Second that. Props to the police department for being prepared for anything, I guess. o_O;;

my dad drove an old Willys Jeep…had chains for it. He could go anywhere in that thing.

You have a Jeep, don’t you? Do you have chains?

This is great. I have enjoyed the snow, the ice not so much. I went to Dillards bought a new dress coat. That was nice.