Hue HD Green Clique HD Webcam

compatable with mac!? LOL

[MOD: Insert crickets noise]

Well, time to go wreck my toilet…

Built in webcam, sorry!

I think it’s got style. I don’t need a webcam, but it’s so cute I might buy one.

Looks alright I guess

i recently had a colonoscopy with one of these little buggers :frowning:

Bought two of these a while back, and although they sort of work with mac. They aren’t UVC devices and won’t work with many things (including iChat).

so this doesn’t work with windows 7?


Oh good, time for a a quick GTA killing spree…

$20 @ Amazon

Dang that things cute!

Please tell us you aren’t going to use this to post the footage right?

was a inside WOOT joke lol

Did we lose nightghost?

If this was a reading lamp, I’d be in for 2. I’d rather be reading than watching this sorry @ss woot. But that’s why they invented beer.

Product Website

Quit smoking!

What I want is a wireless keyboard and mouse set, so you know as soon as I go to sleep there will be 8 different sets in multiple colors.

Woot’s fun that way.