Huffy Pool Volleyball Systems

I don’t see any mention of the poles that hole the net up nor do I see them in any of the pictures.

does this come with poles and tie down lines?

There are three sets:

The In-Ground set is for an built-in pool - one that sits in the ground. You probably have sleeves built into the foundation around the edge of the pool to hold these poles. One sleeve on either side of your pool. Poles included.

The Above-Ground set is for the large above ground pool. The pole anchors attach the decking along the edge or your pool, assuming you have one. The stakes and guy wires help stabilize it more. Poles, stakes, string, and mounts included.

The Accessory pack a net and ball only. It’s a replacement net. There are no poles.

i have a 12 foot wide pool would i be able to use the above ground pool set and make the net shorter?

I don’t understand how the in-ground pool set attaches to the pool - can someone explain more in-depth? Thanks.

The net slides over the pole. You could wrap the net around the pole and secure it somehow.

Most in-ground pools have holes (sleeves) on each side of the pool that you would slide these poles into.

This shows a pole in such a sleeve. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE POLE/NET SET WE ARE SELLING. It’s just an example:

Thank you!!

Sorry TT, but most people DO NOT have sleeves in their foundation of their in ground pool. But you get a gold star for lying…I mean trying. :slight_smile:

Ok, many. All the home pools I’ve seen down here have them.