Huffy Prizm Kids Metaloid 100mm Scooter

He made a poor decision in choosing his handle. Now he’s stuck with it.


How do you know that it was a poor decision?
Maybe it’s wishful thinking, and on the internet you can be whoever or whatever you want.
We even have someone who is a penguin, and a cat acting human


The same creature who thinks that they’re a VM?



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Which cat? They’re all cats.

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Oh, it works great.

fox broadcasting GIF by Gotham

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I didn’t want 1 of these scooters but I still voted for the lower price. Come on people how f’ing hard is it to tap a virtual button to help out someone else? That would have made a steal of a deal for someone that may only have an extra $20 on hand currently & would have put a $100 smile on a kid’s face Christmas morning.

To those who did not vote:
May your turkey be dry, your stuffing be soupy, your wine taste of vinegar, & your pie wind up on the floor.

To those who did vote:
May you enjoy the best of every part of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone & may everyone enjoy sacred & blessed times with loved ones.