Hugasaurus Rex

Awwwwwww. He just wants to be loved.

It’s an arms race!

…and that is why dinosaurs went extinct! They actually weren’t fierce enough to survive in that merciless prehistoric environment.

mood: Woot cuddly = frightening. I think that’s the plan.

How does he hug with such tiny arms?

I don’t think anyone can hug with arms that short. They should just settle with fist bumps.

“Rex, what short arms you have!”

“All the better to hug you close with…”

Is this the dreaded evolution of Barney?

How can he hug with those little arms?

This puts a new perspective on bullying.

Earlier tonight the cup of water on my desk was quivering. Now I know why.

Poor misunderstood Rex. :frowning:

Don’t run little girl! It just wants to hug you! First with its arm then with its teeth!

Now that’s one dinophobic child.

I’d rather hug one than be eaten off the toilet by one.


Yotsuba and the Huggy Dino?

Calm down honey, Hugasaurus Rex isn’t eating you… he’s just hugging you with his jaws.

Y’know, does anyone really blame the poor kid? That’s exactly what I’d be doing if a t-rex tried to hug me, too.