Huge 1:6 Scale Remote Control Torque Horse SUV


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[color=red:a2c92bb0a7]MORE RAM IN THE BOX PLEASE![/color]

1:6 scale! That’s awesome!!! Too rich for my blood though.

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Nice Woot :!: price $59.99

Overstock has the black one for $89.99. Woot does it again!



No more ram in the box.




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We will take you down, just you wait.


AfterFX wuz here!!!


Passing on this one again


oh well




I hate suvs

Total spent at so far:
$410.96 :smiley:

Total I’ll be spending tonight:


Huge 1:6 Scale Remote Control Torque Horse SUV
Just like the real thing, but gets better mileage
$59.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
Grab the remote and take this massive, rugged 1:6-scale Torque Horse for a spin! Whether you’re a curious kid or a collector, you’ll enjoy the realistic details and impressive size of this off-road king. The Torque Horse stands over a foot tall, is 26 inches long and features 6" tall realistic off-road rubber tires.

A huge front bumper protects you from all the obstacles that you can ram into or run over. The Torque Horse also has realistic features such as doors, hood and rear hatch that open and close, swing out side mirrors, working horn, headlights, taillights, interior lights and running lights. The alarm even chirps when you turn your SUV on and off. Perfect for kids of all ages (as long as they are over 8yrs of age) - and delivered in time to go under the Christmas tree in a beautiful full color retail package!

Features: Condition: New, retail box

Measures 13x26x13 WxLxH

100+ ft. control range

Forward/reverse motion

Left/right steering

Authentic sounds (include honking horn, revving engine, and alarm beep when you lock or unlock the vehicle

Working headlights, taillights, interior and running lights

Functioning front doors, hood, and rear hatch

3 speeds controllable from the remote

Estimated top speed at 11mph

Pistol grip and wheel remote included

9.6-volt battery pack and quick charger included

Note: We have 3 different colors available: Yellow, Black and Red. Make your selection on the order form. We will try to meet your preference, but if everyone orders Black then somebody’s going to get Red or Yellow instead so make sure you can live with all of the colors in the event that your preference is sold out. Also, these will ship UPS ground rather than our standard FedEx Express Saver and will be delivered in time for Christmas.





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