Huh... okay then

It’s the market price and reflective our our wholesale price. There’s a shortage of computer parts in the world and it’s running the prices up.

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Like TT said, getting a CPU, GPU, etc., at list price is next to impossible right now. I just built a computer and it wasn’t easy finding the parts at reasonable prices. I just happened to luck out when I bought an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X at the list price because it’s almost always out of stock and when it is available, it’s usually at least $100 more. It’s kind of crazy right now.

A computer retailer site has a lottery system where they offer the small supply they have of in-demand computer parts for a couple of hours when available and they’ve said at least 100,000 people enter the lottery every time it goes live. That’s how hard it is to find this stuff right now. I’m still amazed I was able to get my CPU at a good price because I’ve checked many times since then and it’s never in stock at the price.

It’s my understanding the elevated prices are due to a variety of reasons – a lot more people working from home due to covid, those mining cryptocurrency, etc. I wasn’t able to find a graphics card at all for anywhere near the list price so I’m stuck with my old one for now.

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