Ah, these are some nice old designs.

Not to play along, but…



Why aren’t the artists named?

A glitch in the Matrix, should be fixed shortly.

now this is fun

Good to see all those people who didn’t want One-Eyed Finkster can now still not want it.

I want Lost in Transition as a poster.

I don’t think huh? is the correct phrase here. More like what in the heck??

This also makes me afraid to order the next batch of randoms, what if I get that creepy One Eye Finkster shirt?? Or I Saw Something Weird?

You would wear them with pride.

I would trade you for One Eyed Finkster. I won’t buy it, though.

Oh noooo! A glitch in the Matrix?!? We’re all doomed!
On the other hand, I really like this side sale, more often please - but hands off the Matrix!


Great sale! I’m honored to be included. Although, those other shirts put mine to shame with their bizarre awesomeness.

This side sale really needed at least one Edgarmcherly.

Splattermare black zip hoodies is tempting.

I’m in your cat/Your cat, my party/When you look deeply in yr kitty’s eyes -Why are Yuh Staring at Me!? In yr cat!!!

Cue: Party Jam & open them kitten shutters… “Reuniteds and it feels so gooood, reunited cause um in yur cats…”

[Insert whole new whiner tone:]
I’m just… wondering? I mean the t-shirt/shirt part?
-caint y’Woots there change up the color of the shirt for us, yeh? I mean- design is kitten purrs in G*d’s ears but that old churky merlo’gundy is… nuh.

Meantime Aaarrrgyle’s smokin’ on that sweeet grass, yr M’arrrghmaid is literally smoking on that sweet/clotty cream. Geez now… dunnow what t’get. Fnargh.

P to all yr S, sorry bout my annoying words- mine family curse: insomnia & th’days of no sleeping eats my brain of normally-knowings…