Human Testing

Excellent. Propaganda we can’t understand but are strangely drawn to. And great to see kaseyfleming back in the game.

Yeah, so what does it say?

I hope those are tentacles and not flippers. 'Cuz if they are, I don’t think science is to blame.

Soo, it was boots’ turn was it?
so why the secrecy?

Seems lovely at first, then somewhat disturbing when you look closely.

Well played, kaseyfleming!

Yes. Very nice!

Seems like I saw this advert on a wall in an episode of ‘Firefly’…

While you maybe could not wear this in a biosafety level four lab, you could wear it in a biosafety level 3+ lab. You’d just have to autoclave it

Japanese? Tentacles? I know exactly where this is going.

Talk about doing a double take.

I’m tempted to get this, if only just to enrage my Japanese friends. The grammar is far from perfect, so that’s sure to drive them nuts!

Why 行く (to go)? I don’t really know what I would use there, but maybe start or continue or resume or something or that sort would be better?

That said. Maybe there was a great deal of thought behind that! It is the very first time I have ever seen the compound for human testing, so who am I to criticize.

Don’t think it’s going to be the grammar that will enrage them. I love human testing jokes and Japan in general but the combination is just a bit too close to reality to be in good taste. In world war 2, there was a unit that performed human experimentation on captives. Look up Unit 731 on wikipedia, it’s all rather ghastly…

Does this actually say anything in Japanese? Nice illustration regardless. I love the double helix as a background pattern.

Where’s the shout out to Futurama?

I can’t quite put my tentacles on it, but this shirt seems to be in bad taste somehow. I’m sure that with all that has happened to Japan up until now, this would probably be considered a tad offensive to some.

Nice touch with the three-eyed happy face. It looks so innocent and pretty and then it’s all what the?!..

I completely agree especially since syndactly was one of the major birth defects recorded after the war.

For what it’s worth, my MIL and most of her siblings were counted in that study and were unaffected even though my husband’s obachan is a certified survivor who was working as a nurse just outside Hiroshima and her unit was sent in to help with cleanup on day 5.

Once again, Woot fails at Japanese. I wish they’d just stay away from the language all together.

人体実験 - human body experiments…this is ok

は 行く - will go. Human experiments will go???

将来のために - ‘for the future’. But it’s the wrong word for ‘future’. The proper word would be 未来 (mirai)

It’s not as bad as the marshmallow one that used the word for the flower mallow or something, but still pretty bad, unless you don’t care. I suppose most people don’t and think I’m being too pedantic.

And on a cultural and historical note, what struck me about it was not that it might offend Japanese people (like me) because of I don’t know, atom bomb stuff (which actually did not cause birth defects and such; other industrial pollution that happened in the 1950s-70s did, as well as contaminated baby formula, etc.) Instead I thought of Japan’s dark past of the Imperial Army conducting horrible human experiments during WWII in China.

So, all around this design strikes all kinds of wrong chords for me.