Human Touch "Body Spa" Heat Therapy Sauna

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Human Touch “Body Spa” Heat Therapy Sauna
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So what good is this since it only does half the body? Seems worthless to me. I’d much rather have the full sized sauna.

It’s like making pancakes. First you do the bottom then you flip and do the top. You just need to practice sitting on your head,

Soooo, is this a tool or a garden item?

Is this just a sweaty bottom machine?

Christopher Pike approved.

Amazon is out of stock on these. There are no reviews anywhere. It’s <1/3 the regular price here.

Something just screams “Buy this!”, but something else whispers “Run away, dumbass”.

Quality post if ever there was one!

Acorns do not grow up to be Canadian Western Red Cedar.

I laughed :slight_smile:

I think it’ll be easier than having to duck outside in the snow when you get too hot - since your head is already out. Too bad it only fits 1 body at a time, tho.

Soon they"ll invent something you can fill with hot water and lay down in with your whole body.Maybe they will be in every home and call them bathtubs.

I’m thinking of something like this for my mother, who cannot use a traditional bathtub. (double knee replacement, and a couple of fused vertebrae)

We’ve thought about a sit-up tub, but it isn’t appealing to her - the occupant is trapped inside while it fills and drains due to the entry door - there’s no prefilling it, nor exiting in a hurry should she need.

While not necessarily this one - does anyone have experience with saunas in general as therapy for back and joint pain? Until using a regular tub became impossible, baths gave her great relief.

I sat in a $2.5k version of one of these at a county fair…I really enjoyed the cedar-y smell, very relaxing. That’s all I got…

I have had a 2 person (if you’re stick figures, really 1 person) infrared sauna for about 2 months now and it is the best investment I have made in a while. If you have pain that responds to heat it is like having a heating pad on your entire body at the same time.

I don’t think I would get one of this design as the ability to be completely enclosed with built it speakers is more appealing to me. The effect would probably be the same, though.

This isn’t steam, it’s infrared so it helps with circulation and healing. By keeping your heart area outside of the box you are able to sit as long as you like with only positive effects. It is amazing for cancer patients who suffer from neuropathy and chilling circulation.

Maybe this is a male contraceptive treatment? Seems if briefs are too “hot” for the swimmers, this would be too.

[Heat and Male Fertility]

Who are you to tell an acorn what it can or cannot be? Just because it was born an oak doesn’t mean it can’t truly be Red Cedar on the inside.

“hand-selected 250-year-old red cedar timbers from a sustainably sourced Canadian forest”

Something about combining “250-year-old” and “sustainably sourced” doesn’t feel right. Are they claiming that they are harvesting at a rate that the current stock will last 250 years until new trees are the age of the ones they are “hand-selecting”? Also, what wood isn’t hand-selected?