Human Touch PC-500 Zero-Gravity Recliner, 3 Colors

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Human Touch PC-500 Zero-Gravity Recliner, 3 Colors
Price: $2199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: May take 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Condition: New


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Yeah, lemme just get my extra $2k I have around and spend it on woot for a chair…

Dang it, apparently not available in green or blue?? Deal Breaker ! ROFLMAO

Are you serious Woot? A bit expensive, maybe? Woot Publisher/Editor: Consider arguing with your boss about the ridiculous cost of this product. Let me save you the trouble; It’s too expensive for your base consumers.

Human Touch’s own website is still playing the Labor day discount card…Clear evidence of a desperate need to sell inventory.

Not that it matters, but where are these sold for that list price of $3299? Human Touch themselves sell these for $2799. That’s the regular price, not on sale, as it qualifies for their “free shipping on regular priced items”. Surely on an item this expensive there’s no need to over inflate the list price to show a bigger discount.

edit: the newer PC600 model is $3299, maybe that’s what was listed for these. But I don’t think this model was ever over $2999.

Pffttt. No white, no deal.

It’s a glorified lawn chair!

Buy this and wrap it in leather…

I just saved you $2,000. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

haha! Yeah, put me down for three. I was going to re-roof the house, but that can wait, it’s not leaking too bad yet.

I’d pay $2K for the girl sitting in the chair. If she can mix a good martini.

Dammit… I thought I had gone to the woot! website, but I must have mis-typed it and ended up at sharper image…

Come on …give Woot! a break. I’ve wanted one of these zero gravity chairs for years. $600 less than the regular selling price isn’t bad.

OMG. Someone please grab this whole add and our comments for posterity! (well, not mine)…so’s I can find it again on the interwebs later!!!

Not something I expected to see on woot but I got one of these chairs from someone much richer than I was (not this exact model, but this type) and it really did provide relief for my back pain. It is just such a pain to get out of. Don’t buy it for someone elderly unless there’s a 2nd person who can help them out of it. If you do have back pain and are considering it I would look to try it in a store/showroom first but it may actually help.

It’s available in multiple places online for $2,499.00, with free shipping and no tax. $2,204.99 + tax is still a better price, but by a far smaller margin than either woot or you make it to be (just $117.62 for me).

Oh, and in at least one of those places, you can completely customize your order (not just pick from 3 set configuration options).

Looks like someone bit at 4 AM…probably on Ambien

I know it’s expensive. My wife surprised me and got one for me about 10 years ago. It is great for neck and back pain. If you have disc issues, uncomfortable in bed, no position of comfort, this chair can be helpful. When I have neck pain and spasms, I sit in it for an hour and feel much better. There are many humans out there with chronic pain, gives relief without pain medication. YMMV…