Human Touch "Reflex-2" Foot & Calf Massager

Pretty good reviews on Amazon:



Mine showed up with missing legs.(They broke off in shipping) :frowning: Hopefully they’ll have a extra one for replacement. :slight_smile:

Unexpectedly received mine on Friday, 3/4/2016. As a matter of fact, I just received an email today stating that it was on it’s way! Though I’m grateful for the very quick shipping, the item was packaged terribly.

Upon delivery from FedEx the receiving department at the company where I work (where I had the item shipped) almost refused delivery due to the shape of the delivery box. FedEx allowed them to place a note on the delivery record that the box was received damaged, so they went ahead and accepted the shipment.

The flaps on both the bottom and top of the box were loose, and the item was loose in the box. It was packed extremely poorly…there was a single layer of small bubble wrap around the unit, and it was then placed in a cardboard box that was much too large for it.

The box flaps came loose because they were very poorly taped just along the seem where the two flaps come together.

The box had been damaged (torn) due to the free space (about 6 inches from the top of the box down to the top of product inside).

This is the worst-packaged item I’ve ever received from anyone. Amazingly, it appears that the unit was not damaged, and I’m thankful for that.