Human Touch Reflex-2 Foot & Calf Massager

I paid 200 bucks for one of these to help with leg pain at night… It looks great in the back of a closet for the past year.

It’s heavy and bulky and it does an alright job of massaging the mid-lower part of your calves, but I wouldn’t buy one again. not even a little bit.

Strange that it is two feet and a calf. It must be a refurb. I would be in if they added the other calf.

I see what you did there. :smiley:

Curious if it was this exact model? Or just one of these types of massagers? I’ve tried several units out in the stores, and they vary quite a bit in their massaging. I’d have a hard time paying this much for one without trying it out.

$199 on Amazon
$139 on Woot

I bought one, months ago & use all the time.
It works, my feet feel better.

What size calf will this comfortably accommodate?

This thing feels awesome! I have real bad problems with tight calfs and sore feet and achilles tendons. This really helps. I would recommend it.