Human Touch Zero Gravity Recliner Saddle

I own a PC-095 Human Touch chair, which aleviates my lumbar spinal pain. This a great price, much lower than other outlets. I was about to pull the trigger until I found that these are not leather (not even bonded).

“Luxurious Sofhyde upholstery with engineered hardwood trim.”

Also, I don’t think the pads are replaceable on this model which may be a problem down the line.

I bought one of these last time. The cover is not leather but it is still pretty nice and very soft to the touch.

The weight limit for this chair is 280# but I can tell you that the padding is inadequate for me at 240#. I have added a removeable pad. Customer support says that the newer design of the chair has more padding.

The mechanism is really smooth but mine was balky for the first few cycles and would stall. Then I’d have to wait for a time out of indeterminate length. It cleared up and customer support was of no use to tell me what the problem was.

It was shipped by air freight!

I’m sitting in this chair as I type, in the same brown color, that I bought from Woot in February. I’m very satisfied with the purchase. No regrets.

Shipping was fast, and the chair was easy to assemble. It’s heavy, so I put four small coaster-sized sliders under it (that I bought at Home Depot) so I could easily slide it around on the carpet when I need to vacuum. Works perfectly.

That’s true: it is not leather. It feels like the vinyl seats in my old '60s MG I had years ago as a teenager. Not bad, but not leather.

Also, obviously, the chair needs access to electricity to function. So it can’t go in the middle of a room. The cord is long, so I have it running under a sofa to the wall outlet. No problem.

I have had no problems with the performance of the chair. I weight about 215 pounds. I had tried out a similar model of the same brand at a local store, so I knew what I was getting. It functions exactly like I expected.

That said: I tend to be fairly gentle with it. It is not some giant Barcalounger, sturdy and indestructible. However, I use it for a few hours each day, sometimes in the full reclined position, and other times when I’m working on my laptop or watching TV.

What I mean that “I’m gentle with it” is that I don’t let kids or visitors jump around and play with it. It adjusts slowly (on purpose because you don’t want the blood rushing to your head if you move from the fully inverted position to standing really quickly), and you have to be patient.

If you are fully inverted, and the doorbell rings, and you’re the only one home, then you just have to be late answering the door (or ignore it). From fully inverted to standing, it takes exactly 30 seconds (I just timed it). If you rush it by jumping out of the chair every time, it could break over time. Patience.

I have a table next to the chair with my phone and TV remote on it. I realize that it sounds silly, but once you’re in the chair, you want to relax and let it do some work on your back. You just don’t want to jump around on it.

Finally, there seems to be a one-year parts and labor warranty on the product. I haven’t had need to use it. I wish it was for three years or five because if this thing breaks, it will likely be something electronic. But so far, so good.

In sum, I’m satisfied with the purchase and would buy it again. It works as advertised. Good delivery. Easy assembly. It’s not a giant Barcalounger for the kids or pets to jump around on. But if you want or need a chair like this, you’ll want to take care of it and keep it to yourself.