Humanitas 2006 'Sugarloaf Mountain' Napa Merlot - 4 Pack

Humanitas 2006 ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’ Napa Merlot - 4 Pack
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PRODUCT: 4 Humanitas 2006 ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’ Napa Valley Merlot
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I picked up their Syrah on a previous Off!, and I looooved it. Can’t speak to the Merlot, but good folks, good winemakers, and good causes=worth the risk. If only I didn’t dislike Merlot…

Just spent the weekend hanging around the Michel-Schlumberger area of Healdsburg and was at the jazz fest on Friday night! Absolutely LOVE the wines over there and their charitable support.

I was just on FB and happened to see their post from about an hour ago and clicked back to w.w and there they were! Serendipity? In for one! :slight_smile:

Oh, Oh, Oh! And I got first sucker! Gloat! :slight_smile:

Humanitas 2006 ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’ Napa Merlot - 4 Pack
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Hi there – Judd - Founder of Humanitas here. Thanks for the great comments on the Syrah. I think you’d like this Merlot – big mountain fruit – no wimpy Merlot!

THANKS! The bottle, by the way, is sealed with a ‘vino seal’ – the glass top closure. Very cool stuff. I must have seen you at the music on Friday!

The syrah was really VERY VERY good. I was praying to see it here tonight. I’m not sure if i’m going to jump on this one. It’s significantly more expensive, and i like syrah’s more.

About $23/bottle – I sell it at the winery for $40/bottle. It is a steal! Take advantage.

Ditto on the Sarah. Can you describe this offering? Some technical details as well as the always asked drink-now/drink-later question? What’s it compare to? Wanna jump on it, but…

can-not-wait; net may go down!

Trust me, i’m thinking about it. I usually have to look for cheaper wines on my budget though.

Cool about the vino seal! ddeuddeg and I were sitting on the wicker chairs on the vineyard side of the patio, across from the main entrance. We even got up to dance a rumba earlier in the evening. Were you wearing a burgundy fleece?

My wife and I visited Judd at Humanitas this summer. He was an extraordinary host. We tried many(maybe too many!) of the wines and they were all very tasty.I just received my order form the summer but am still in for one. I love the wine and the whole concept. How often do you get to support good causes and get to drink great wine at the same time?

P.S Judd, I think the Reds (baseball, not wine!) are going to do it next year

Hi all – I’m Judd – founder/owner of Humanitas. I want to correct the Woot header – Humanitas is NOT owned by Michel-Schlumberger – but the wines are poured & available there. I founded the winery 10 years ago with a simple vision – ‘We will make the world a better place!’ And we’ll do that by crafting stunning wines from exceptional vineyards – and giving back our profits to charity. This concept to ‘drink charitably’ seems to resonate – enjoy!

I understand, but hit the golden button. You won’t be disappointed! :wink:

They’ll have to get by the Giants. Posey will be back in 2012!

Hi, are the grapes organically grown?

For the winemaker: I’m generally not a big fan of Merlot. But last night I had the Sunce Merlot from a previous offering and it drank more like a Cab (my fave) than a Merlot. Which camp is this offering in? Thanks,


Jeez – you expect me to remember what I was wearing!? I was in the back at a table with a friend I hadn’t seen in gulp…25 years. Lots of wine – lots of catchng up!

I really enjoyed the M-S wines over there this weekend with bahwm, et al. We tasted mostly M-S wines but I did get a sample of Humanitas Pinot, and the style is similar enough to make we want to jump in on this, but no room for four bottles.

I’m looking for more info on this specific wine, and possibly somebody to split with in the Bay Area.