Humanitas 2006 'Sugarloaf Mountain' Napa Merlot - 4 Pack

Not organic – but all sustainable. And the yeast is resident yeast (not cultured) – and unfiltered. I made this wine in my home winery – a shed in the back we affectionately call the ‘Shed-teau’. Hand picked, crushed, pressed, barreled, racked, topped, bottled & labeled!!

Points ??? I’m a Cab guy but will buy a 88 plus Merlot

Who do you want the point value to come from?

Many tout their Merlot as a ‘light’ cab. There is nothing ‘light’ about this wine. Big, bold, rich, assertive – mountain fruit with lots of complexity.

Dude a Giant fan since 59… Willie Mays fan. we WILL BE BACK!!!

Drink it slowly – makes the investment last longer!

I like to pair my wines with sports and eat the food typical of the two teams. Example – Giants v Phillies – crab & cheese steaks. The merlot goes great with baseball.

I probably would have if we hadn’t bought some wines and spent money this past weekend.

Me too —Reds V Cardinals— Skyline Chili and w(h)ine!


Can you comment on cellaring? How long would you expect this to continue to improve? Any pH or TA info?

Thanks for participating with a new offering.

In for one, hope the syrah is next, loved it from last offer.

Mummmmm sounds good, do these wines have any point values tied in? I really like a wine I can’t see through, a lot of Merlots are rather “light”

Klezman, I’ll take one bottle off your hands if we can meet up in the East Bay.

Can’t afford this one but yes, great wine (also picked up the Syrah a couple months ago and, well, YUM!), great causes, and wonderful participation on these here forums.

If you can spare the cash, this would be a great buy!

I think you bought more bottles than I did, Duke excepted. Although only 3 of those were for me!

Hey Wooters! Its Jim Morris, Shameless pitchman for Michel Schlumberger AND Humanitas. I dont know who this Judd Wallenbrock character is but dont listen to him. He thinks he is the owner and founder of Humanitas AND President of Michel Schlumberger but we really know him as Muratroyd Fassbender-Smythe, International Wine Man of Mystery.

I am here to correct all the factoids Judd/Murgatroyd may be telling you about this wine. How can I help?

Jim Morris
Humanitas Hat Wearer and Pitchman of the Moment.

Ok I bought one. This tempranillo convinced me (the truchard one, which wasn’t as good as i had hoped for).

By the way, to the humanitas guy. If you are going to offer the syrah again, I will purchase the maximum amount. Hint hint.

I’ll repeat – absolutely nothing light about this. A good 28 day maceration from mountain berries – high concentration. Tack on 30 months in barrel – this will fill your need.

Warning to all - if you read more than 5 of Jim’s posts in any given night, you’re going to buy whatever he’s selling you. Seriously. If you can’t afford this, don’t check back in until the next wine’s parked to the left of the big yellow button. Run away. Now.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

If there is a case left at the winery – I’d be surprised. It flew!