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PRODUCT: 3 2007 Humanitas Estate Syrah
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Winery website


$25.00 / bottle on the winery website

I like the combo cooperage. Not too much new oak to keep the price down but still enough to add character.

The last Syrah I had from the Dry Creek Valley was from Verge, which I loved.

So its a bummer than I can’t bear to order this.
Maybe it’ll come around in a woot-off.

Humanitas? Liver and fava beans anyone?

Agreed, I’d be in for one but I don’t trust the dog sitter with my wine while I am away.

…and a nice Chianti…

been looking for some syrah…this might be it.
gonna wait and see some notes from winery hopefully and some more info from the ww community.

bahwm, mewalk, and I visited Michel-Schlumberger last October. The winery, the treatment by the staff in the tasting room (actually a gorgeous outdoor courtyard), and the wines were all stunning. I couldn’t resist joining their wine club, and they have yet to disappoint. Knowing they had a hand in this wine, I’m going to have to buy some, but I’d better wait until SWMBO wakes up to find out how much.

Now, that would make one heckofa label!

Hi – Judd Wallenbrock here – owner/founder of Humanitas. I’m looking forward to answering questions & helping Wooters make the ‘right’ decision to buy this unbelievable offer!

When I first saw the thumbnail for this deal while on regular.woot, I thought to myself “why are they selling a freaky alien tribal mask over at wine.woot”.

Ok, guys, you made me look, you happy now?

Judd Wallenbrock - Humanitas proprietor here – thanks – the Syrah seems to love American oak over French when new but a little ‘seasoned’ French adds some texture to the wine.

Judd - what is the drinking widow on these wines - are they ready now or need a while to reach their peak ? Also any suugested food pairings ?

This is a beefy wine – I think it will age 10 years easily. But the fruit is so explosive that I hate to wait! It is mountain fruit with ample structure so aging is not an issue. Food: grab yourself a pepperoni pizza (!) or if going a bit higher end, a lamb shank & slow bbq it. I think it hits the spot with lots of bbq items – I serve it with tri-tip & beans Santa Maria-style. It really is quite versatile.

I second the Verge. That was one of my favorite Woot purchases ever. I ended up buying a case of it directly from them since it didn’t seem to reappear on Woot.

Ok, not fair, now you are making me hungry! :slight_smile:

Hi Judd, welcome!
I think it’s great that you give your profits to charity. I’m surprised no one has asked yet, but do you have pH and TA numbers for this Syrah? Thanks!

Interesting! I’ve only had lamb shank braised. Do you slow smoke it for 2-3 hours?