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PRODUCT: 3 2007 Humanitas Estate Syrah
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Only two CT reviews, but both positive 90+
Just might have to be in on this one.

Hey Wooters, Jim Morris here from Humanitas Winery. Actually, I am standing in while Judd Wallenbrock makes his way home to jump on board. I am here to answer any questions you may have and convince you to buy copious amounts of this stunning wine.

Talk to me people, what do you want to know? I am here for you.

Jim Morris
Shameless Marketing and Sales Guy at Humanitas Winery

Well gee whiz… I thought I might be first sucker, but I don’t even get a little shade of pink on Minnesota? First buy of the day just because it’s the end of the day, we’ve had 3" of rain in the last two hours and I have been biding my time with the .off! The charity got to me and I’m happy to contribute. Let the cream continue to rise to the top.


I have to say, this may be one of the better buys you will find on Wine.Woot! We actually hate to see the end of this wine because it is drinking so good right now. Rich glorious Syrah. Do it.

Jim Morris
The Guy Who Helps Sell Wine at Humanitas Winery

Hey Jim, just jumped in with a buy… tell me what delights are coming my way!

Soggy in Minnesota.

I picked this up on July 6th, and recently drank the first bottle. Extremely good, thrilled to see it reappear so soon. I didn’t keep any tasting notes, but it was big, velvety and just plain good. Just huge for this price. I don’t have room for more after two previous woots today, but I am buying some anyway. If you like Syrah, jump on this one!

Didn’t you say during the previous offer that this would not be available during a Woot-off?

Done did, in for two.

Just bought 2! What is the drinking window on these? Can they stand some cellaring?

Hi Cynthy,

Thank you so much for Drinking Charitably!! We have been doing this for 10 years now and have helped a lot great charitable causes. We focus on primary need charities–education, food, or shelter related charities. We donate to the local chapters of the charities we work with. We are trying to do good on a local basis and creating amazing wines as a vehicle for doing that. Enjoy this wine and any of the other wines we sell.

One of the Sales Do Gooders at Humanitas Winery

Nice to see the two positive reviews are both from Wooters. I’m drinking a bottle right now, and this Syrah has some serious depth to it. It’s got an interesting balance between an initial hit of fruit followed up by a strong spicy, tar, lead finish that lasts and lasts. Scoring this a 90 and a great value at $15/bottle.

Don’t be expecting an Australian Shiraz fruit bomb with this one. This guy is a bit of a beast, I’m probably going in for one or two more.

Talk to me people, what do you want to know? I am here for you.

Thanks for taking the time to join us Jim… based on the CT reviews and your plug, I’m in for two… almost bought three based on the descriptions. Can you fill us in on the cooperage? Thx

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Thanks so much Kenny. You just made our day. If you dont have room for your two other Woots, by all means, send them to us for safe-keeping.

Jim Morris
The Ever So Sly Wine Guy at Humanitas Winery

In for two as I need a good Syrah right now, I’m currently watching Gang of Thrones, I’m always down to get drunk for charity, and I’ll buy almost anything that throws out some Firefly love…

congrats on the cool write-up over the weekend too Jim!


You will simply love this wine. I find tasting it is akin to drinking a red velvet theater curtain–rich smoky and a tad mysterious.

Let me dip into the big book of wine adjectives to find other great descriptions for this magnificent wine.

The Wine Guy Of The Moment, Humanitas Winery

Gang of Thrones? Hmm… are you sure you aren’t already drunk for charity? :slight_smile:

What is the drinking window on these (please)?