Humanity Gets Voted Off

I love Survivor and I love zombies.

This shirt was made for me!

Oh zombies… Now you’re invading the reality shows that are hardly reality… What’s next? Zombie Soap Operas? “As The Bone Breaks”? “All My Brains”?

A lot of people are going to be complaining about this shirt selling out too fast. I know it.

LOL, I wonder what the tribal council on that show is like?

I usually don’t like such overtly pop culture shirts but dang this is good!

I’m waiting for the return of Walking Dead.

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Very clever…

great style + colors but not for me…and which is scarier: zombies or reality TV, I try to avoid watching either.

I thought that there wouldn’t be zombies for a very very long time…

“No zombies. For a good long while.”

One not voted off lives. That is the prize.

This is actually a better Survivor-style logo than some of the actual Survivor season logos:

Well done, Spiritgreen!

Okay, this is a reality show that I might end up watching.

I don’t care for survivor, but if they had a zombie series like this i’d definitely be watching.

Now here is a reality show I would watch!

Son just went nuts about this shirt. He’s a HUGE Survivor fanatic and of course, loves zombies.

Still haven’t had enough zombies yet, eh?

Commence the jigglin’!

Nice print, Spirit! I love the DNA strands is on the border! Throwing a little ResEvil love in there?

No zombie shirts for a good long time, huh woot?.. But, don’t worry, I dont judge you. I know how hard the temptation of sightly putrified brains and leaking guts can be…

Oh, just me?..

Well, to each his own.