Humble House Foods Hot Sauces

Humble House Foods Hot Sauces

While I’ve bought three of these of the shelf in HEB foodstores, and make no mistake, it’s awesome stuff. But, there’s NO way I’m paying $7 a bottle here…

That’s fine, however HEB is only in TX. Makes it kind of difficult if you don’t live there.
Actually seems like a fair price and they sound pretty tasty.
Oh, HEB has them online and will ship, $5.98 a bottle. But if you order 6 it’s a little over $6 for shipping, so same as woot price.

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They are all over Mexico too! I still can’t get an HEB in Fort Worth though. :frowning:

these actually sound super good. i initially balked at the price, but my other favorite hot sauce brand is yellowbird and those go for the same price per each. (so i think this is a fair price but not a sale price.) would be in if i could get a set of one each instead of two. just don’t have $40+ to drop on hot sauce rn esp one i haven’t tried.

Is this actually for 6 bottles? it says “2 -” for each

Yes; 2 of each flavor.

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These sauces are all great but the Ancho & Morita one is on another level. It’s absolutely fantastic flavor, and none are on the too hot you can’t eat it level. I picked these up on a random trip to Austin once and now I buy direct from them every time I run out.