Humless Portable Solar Generator Kit

This has two solar panels, but only one extension cord. Do I need two cords to use both solar panels at the same time, or is there some way to connect the panels together, then have a single cord to the “generator”? There just seems to be something missing here…

Does this come with the AC power cord to charge the generator? It’s a wonder these aren’t flying off the shelf.

Not enough info from the company or even woot to make and informed decision. Here is the link to the 1500 Series Generator (says the generator comes with the AC power cord), but like other things something is missing.

Further research…the two little things in the picture are “Y-Branch Solar connectors” - they allow allow 2 solar panels to be connected to 1 MC4 solar cable…so, although the y-Branch solar connectors are pictured, are they included? And…again is the AC power cord included as well?

Two days left in the sale and no update Fromm woot or humless about AC cord and/or y branch connector being included. I guess that means no. Also appears AC cord not available for purchase through humless as a separate item.

Hi All!

Every unit comes with an AC Cable to charge from the wall.

Thank you for the further research.