Hummingbird Bag

Hummingbird Bag

Butterflies or Hummingbirds? Description doesn’t jive

Hi there. Thanks for pointing this out. It’s for hummingbirds. The features have been updated.


The description is very misleading. It says that you can just put the seeds in the bag and be done with it:

Bring your garden, patio, deck or outdoor living area to life with this hanging hummingbird flower bag. Just fill your vertical flower bag with potting soil, sprinkle in the seeds and watch the flowers grow. Then once the flowers start blooming enjoy the hundreds of hummingbirds that your flowers will attract.

But the actual instructions are much more time-consuming; you can’t just sprinkle in the seeds because you have to start them all separately and then carefully transplant into the bag.

Step 1: Start your seeds in small pots or open flats with good drainage. Keep seedlings moist and warm, but not wet, at all times.

How many hummingbirds come in a bag?

This is too big for my hummingflies to carry around.

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African, or European?

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