Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

Oh, I see trouble ahead.

Calm, content + solidly grounded is a good look for Humpty. Very nice.

Or think of it as a ‘you can always have tea instead’ message ; )

double post

This wins the coveted Oakenspirit’s Pun of the Year Award. Be watching your mailbox for a Congratulatory Gift Card to Denny’s.

(Grats man! Love it.)

Kudos on the great design! Also kudos to Woot for the great write-up. LOL!

This is hilarious!

Congrats Kevin! Excellent pun!

I personally like the shirt however, I feel like if I wore it, I would end up having to explain it to people in order for them to get it.

Maybe not… I don’t know…

Humpty Dumpty is smiling so it must be a great fall.

Nice to see Humpty finally getting a break.

I thought he was happy because he DIDN’T get a break. :wink: haha.

All jokes aside, great pun and beautiful line work!

Arg! No adult hoodies? that’s not gonna help me have a great fall, no not at all :frowning:

Congrats Kevin, Nice tee!

have to choose hoodie and then scroll down through the sizes; the t-shirt sizes are greyed out, which I think someone mentioned two days ago. Confusing.

A lovely subtle and evocative design. I’ll be wearing it to wow the folks at the library (and everywhere else, no doubt).

Same goes for about every woot shirt I have!

Awwwww. I was looking forward to the floating tree design. It pairs so well with the Japanese olive shirt.

whimsical lines, nice work, congrats :slight_smile:

In related news: there is nothing in the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme, or riddle, that states, or implies, that is is an anthropomorphic egg.