Hungry for Apple!

Who are these refurbed by?

It’s a third party vendor. Woot carries the warranty.

Apple MD543LL/A iPad mini (1st Generation) with Wi-Fi & Verizon 4G - 16GB, White is unlocked…? Can i use with any other country sim card…?

They’re noted as being for the Verizon network. We don’t have information on how it will work on other networks.

Hey TT not sure if you guys are aware but some of the pictures you have for the iPad Air (1st Gen.) are actually 2nd Gens on the main thumbnail. When you click it the additional pictures are correct but not the original.

iPad 1st Gen will not upgrade past IOS 5.1.1 - and many apps available require IOS 7.0 or higher severely limiting the usefulness of these tabs. Facebook? - nope. Twitter? - nope. I’m looking at one on my desk under a layer of dust sadly.

These are “air” and “mini” first gens so this is not true. I’m on iOS 8 with my first gen mini.


What does w verizon mean 4G? Does one have to have a verizon account? Holla

Yes. It uses the Verizon cellular technology.

Can we use the device without ever signing up for a data plan?

Yes, you can use it via Wi-Fi only.

Having worked on Rick and Morty season 1 that just put a HUGE ole’ smile on my face :slight_smile:

Are these eligible for either apple care or a square trade warranty?

Not only can you use it on wifi, you can also sign up for cell access on the fly (daily, monthly, and quarterly, I think). I have found it helpful for when I travel and might have spotty wifi access. I sign up for cell service and can deal with email and do work on it.