Hungry Hoarder

That’s a cute critter.

Yay! My shirt! Thank you, Woot!

Just two things though: One, since this is printing with gold metallic specialty ink, shouldn’t that be noted somewhere? I thought the display images usually get a stamp for that.

And two, my artist bio links are totally outdated. I don’t even own that twitter username anymore, someone jumped it when I renamed. Fresh links are in my signature here.

I sent your post along to the shirt crew.

Thank you! For that I will let you into the small circle of people I willingly share chocolate with.

Had I only known sooner…


You SOBs! I spent TWO MINUTES trying to kill that gnat on my phone screen!

How unexpected and cool to discover a new kinzoku design!

The gold ink will make this sing.

gold specialty ink…? gold…? GOLD? Woo hoo! I’m rich… I’m RICH! I always KNEW that someday I’d make my fortune on Shirt Woot… In for 100,000 shirts!

It’s as much gold as a chocolate coin. Totally fake. But not as tasty. :slight_smile:

Fat Pony and Fat Unicorn have a new friend!

awesome! It printed on glittery metal ink :smiley: