Hungry Hungry Games

I was a little concerned we had no comments yet. Then I found out Woot was down a good bit of last night.

I hope Walmazan is as excited as I am to rock this shirt to the movie this coming weekend!

Take my money!

such a cayuuuute shirt about a great book!
hmm want to buy but promised myself i wouldnt hurt my wallet anymore… decisions decisions

bought a previous hunger games shirt on here that i regretted

Awesome! I’m in for one.

WTF? My screen is saying this went up at 6:30 EDT? And I only have one privat emessage (yet the 50+ are still there)? Seems like Woot-ish trouble to me.

And, hey, great shirt folks!

tricky woot. i’m going to watch hunger games tomorrow and the only way i can wear it to the movie is if i overnight the shirt. TRICKY TRICKY WOOT

I’m really tempted to get it for my daughter, who’s of course going to the midnight show tonight. But I don’t think she’d get the joke.

… I see what you did there.

Awesomeness! I just started reading the book this week.

The colors are really nicely judged… this is very tempting.


In the write-up, you forgot to mention when that really weird thing happened. Remember? It was just before she said all that stuff.

I loved Hungry Hippos. The only purpose was to break your hand or the plastic lever. Finding a table that tilts slightly works well also.

While I find this adorably awesome! I also found this:

I find the woot shirt to be the victor of the two because it’s cleaner, and leaves the viewer to think about it there for adding to comedic effect…however…it is something to think about.

I will have to buy one…

May the odds be ever in your favor… of getting this shirt in time for the premier.

Testing 1,2,3
Testing 1,2,3
…is this thing on?

Oh, if I only had this for the midnight show tonight. But, in for 2!

From the company that brought you Battleship Royale?

I have to think about this one, my daughter loved the book, played the game when she was younger, and occasionally with her brothers now (talking Hungry Hungry Hippos here) and I too am from Buffalo, NY so I can support a local designer…If I hadn’t already bought 8 shirts this week

I can’t wait to see the hunger games tonight! Tu books were great too, lets see how they turn out on the big screen