Hungry Unlike The Wolf

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?


this shirts is two thumbs into someones eyes EW

why did i wait until 1am to see a shirt with a pizza on it.

i’m so hungry now ;(

Are those gradients? Is this a special kind of printing?

Kinda reminds of a image that would be on the fretboard in Guitar Hero.

grats on the daily, Joshua… I’m not totally a fan of the bird and flower thing…it’s a little dark. I would have welcomed a little brightness to the design but well done on the creativity. I never would have thought of birds with pizza.

whoa, different

Super trippy halftones?

That’s a lot a lot a lot of ink. Very neat though.

That’s creepy

That is crazy. So crazy I just might buy it…

no trick or treat? :confused:

Another bluebird tee?

nadda. interesting style, but yeesh.

Duran Duran?!?! T.T Pass.

wow, really nice design, creepy and cutesy at the same time. if it was a veggie pie i might have been sold

too weird. i’m out.

I…don’t get it…but I kinda like it.

Bah, I’ll save my cash.

OK I’m dumb, can someone explain it to me? I feel like there is a deep (dish) meaning here that I dont see.